5 easy tweaks to adapt your Android phone to the elderly

5 easy tweaks to adapt your Android phone to the elderly

If you want to adapt your Android phone so that an elderly person can use it without problems, just apply these simple tweaks.

If you are assigned a task Buying a mobile phone for an elderly personYou’ll know it’s time to configure the settings so you can do it later Use it more easily. To help you with this process, we want to explain in this guide 5 easy settings to customize a android phone for the elderly. In addition to configuring these simple changes, you can also install Some applications that will help you adapt the device.

Yes, it is true that smartphones stopped being devices only for young people long ago, but it is also true that older people may need simplify its use to Understand the process better from the first moment. The easy tweaks that we are going to talk about below will undoubtedly help you with that.

These five settings are perfect for adapting your Android phone to the elderly.

5 tweaks to adapt your Android phone to an elderly person

Using a mobile phone can be a simple task for those of us who have used it practically since our birth. However, things get complicated in the elderly Face this “stack” that is all screen. Fortunately, Android cell phones have some settings that make it easier to use for the elderly, especially those who have Vision or hearing problems.

You can apply these settings in any case, regardless of whether it is a file New smart phoneoo go and give a new life Station you no longer use Give it to the one you love. Are these:

Delete those apps that will not be used

The first thing you should do to adapt the phone is Get rid of all those applications that the user will not use. It is a simple process, because you only need to uninstall it directly by entering Settings > Apps. We already know that brands like xiaomi or truly They usually add many little-used apps from the factory, so it’s best to do a clean-up to get rid of them and keep what’s necessary.

In this way, seniors will be able to better explain themselves and have direct access to the applications that interest them. It will definitely Easier to locate the application you want to use in the list of applications. If one of these apps is WhatsApp, you can use it Our guide to using WhatsApp for seniors.

The best apps for the elderly and their care

Increase font size

Another easy adjustment that you can make to adapt is to increase the font size. If the text on the screen is larger for the user It will be much easier to read. The steps to follow may differ slightly depending on the phone manufacturer, but basically they are:

  1. Open the section “Settings” for mobile.
  2. Enter the section Screen and brightness.
  3. Click on the option Display and font size.
  4. move the buttons From “Font size” and “Display size” on the right to increase the size of text and items on the screen.

5 easy tweaks to adapt your Android phone to the elderly

sound amplification

In the event that the elderly person who will be using the phone has hearing problems, you can adapt it by enabling the subwoofer in Android. This tool has two different uses: amplify external sounds that pick up through the microphone or Amplify the sounds from the phone itself. You should keep in mind that to use this tool you must Connect a wired or bluetooth headset.

It is undoubtedly one of the most useful accessibility features of a phone and It is very easy to enable:

  1. Enter the application “Settings” for mobile.
  2. Scroll down and enter Additional Settings.
  3. Enter the section “Accessibility”.
  4. joining to “Loudspeaker”.
  5. tap on “Open the loudspeaker”.
  6. In the “Amplify” section, select whether you want to give more power to the “sounds around you” or the “sound being played on the phone”.
  7. Connect your headphones and Press the play button for the amplifier to start working.

5 easy tweaks to adapt your Android phone to the elderly

Use the correct Android launcher

you can use launcher for android to Adaptation of interface elements So using the phone is much easier. In fact, we have already recommended Andro4ll before Best Android Launchers for Seniors. You can try them all Find the one you like or more informative for you.

For example, these triggers can be combined large size keyboardsLarge buttons and icons for easy tapping, Option Add medical information on the lock screenselect your favorite contacts or Add a custom reminder. All of them share a clean and simple aesthetic for you to use the smartphone in a straightforward manner.

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Get rid of gesture navigation

Finally, another trick that we want to recommend you to adapt an Android mobile for an elderly person is to do without gesture navigation. In fact, when you get used to a file Nav buttonwe all have a hard time switching to gestures, so it’s best not to configure it so that the new user is You can navigate between different menus and applications in a simple way.

These 5 tweaks are easy, and it only takes a few minutes to apply, but they can be essential when it comes to making it easier for an elderly person to use a mobile phone. Also, you can always Review access options Looking for other options that will help you. If your elderly father, grandfather, uncle or family member does not want to switch to smartphones, you can always Buy a good landline phone Why Stay in touch with a phone call.

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