These 3 apps have been removed by Google… Remove Yourself!

These 3 apps have been removed by Google... Remove Yourself!

InternetDesk: Google often removes problematic apps like viruses and malware from the Play Store as part of its effort to better serve its users. A few days ago, Google removed more than 150 apps from the Play Store. In this order, users are advised to delete the app from their mobile phone. It was recently announced that three other dangerous photo editing apps have been removed from the Playstore. Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky has revealed that cybercriminals are using the Facebook login mechanism to trick users into collecting their data and bank account details. Kaspersky revealed that cybercriminals have programmed the malware to automatically log in with login details for social media apps like Facebook, Tinder and Spotify without having to log in once users download the app. Users are advised to remove these apps from their device and reset their Facebook account login details. Also, if there are misspellings in the names of the apps that users download from the Play Store, it is best to avoid them.

These are the apps that Google has deleted.

* Magic Photo Lab – Photo Editor

* Blender Photo Editor – Easy Photo Background Editor (Blender Photo Editor – Easy Photo Background Editor)

* Pix Photo Motion Edit 2021 (Pix Photo Motion Edit 2021)

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