There will be a new cheese factory in the Ogre region, where unflavored “Sierštelle” snacks will be prepared.

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The company “Malevss”, which is engaged in the production of cheese and catering services, received a loan of 590 thousand euros for the construction of a cheese factory in Tīnūži Parish, Ogre province, near Ikšile.


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Malevss has been in the catering business for more than 25 years, but in 2009 the company began producing and marketing some fresh cheeses, which were initially small and local.

At present, SIA “Malevss” already produces about 30 different types of fresh cheese, from 1000 to 2500 liters of milk are processed per day and produces an average of 14 tons of cheese per month.

Fresh cheese production accounts for more than 60% of the company’s total sales.

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In developing its services, the company in 2008 began building additional production facilities in Ugri with a total area of ​​230 square meters.

Production facilities were commissioned and commissioned in the spring of 2010 and house the current cheese factory.

However, with the growth of production volumes, more space is needed, so it was decided to build a new plant. We will continue to produce fresh cheese in the new factory and plan to develop new types of cheese.

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The primary objective is to increase production facilities while improving efficiency and productivity. More space and new equipment will make the daily lives of employees easier and improve production, packaging, assembly and warehousing processes. In the new factory, we will develop “SierŠtelle” cheeses and cheese-confectionery products.

Nitrogen already contains many of these products, and in order to enjoy them throughout Latvia and abroad, we have planned a creative product space for the masters who will invest their ideas and energy in creating these products. We see trends to expand the offer of “SierŠtelle” cheeses, confirms Maris Lijsdens, President of the company “Malevss”.


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