WhatsApp Desktop looks good for Windows 11 with the new app

in the middle of november WhatsApp Desktop App Taking a leap, with the beta debut of The new UWP app Fully renewed and compatible with Windows 10 H 11. And indeed with the first build, a redesign of the user interface provided more coherent graphics and integration with the news of the latest operating system from Redmond.

But with the latest beta version, Created with the WinUI 2.6 graphics library, which comes the real turning point. In fact, we see a file elaborate designThis is the latest stylistic language that has been adopted in recent years by Microsoft (of which the new Windows is built), and the final peek gains, resulting in more A continuation of Windows 11, as you can see in the screenshot below, provided by Twitter user FireCubeStudios, which compares the old interface to the one just accessed.

Say goodbye to the square and solid shapes of the past for switches and windows, here instead are more rounded bezels, tighter icons and slightly reconsidered color options. However, the work is not yet complete, and there are still many items that need to be approved before WhatsApp Desktop UWP speaks all the same languages, the language of Windows 11. With the next beta (by the way, the current one can be downloaded After this link), so we can expect further developments in this sense.

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