There was a fake document factory in Stratford: the men supplied organized gang members

A report from the National Crime Agency (NCA) states that Ukrainian Sergei Mikhailov, 41, was arrested in June 2018 at his home in Queens Yard.

He turned the dwelling into a real forgery factory Computers and printers were adapted for this purpose, and officers found 3,000 identification documents produced during the search, 3,500 photographs in passport format, 300 Builders Qualification Cards (CSCS) and 40,000 bank cards in the amount of £15,000 in cash.

He was found accepting orders from all over the UK and mailing in counterfeit products.

The man got stuck while handing 6 fake ID cards at his workplace to one of his regular clients, his compatriot Gennady Kalinin (40 years old). they are british police Scouts had been watching him for some time and caught him during the deal.

Mr. Calinins, who lives in Essex, was found working as a middleman in providing false documents to members of organized gangs who used forgery to gain illegal access to the UK, rent accommodation and work in the country.

In September 2018, J. Kalinins and S. were convicted.

But that was not the end of it.

In the last week of August 2021, Southwark Crown Court imposed new terms on convicts who failed to meet longer prison years.

S. Mikhailov admitted that his income to counterfeiters It amounted to £1,143,000, but currently total assets are only £30,000. pound. The husband will have to return them to the state within 3 months, if he does not – he will sit behind bars for another year and a half.

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Kalinins obliged to pay 313.5 thousand during the same period. Pounds – a worthy part of his married home and a BMW. If the spouse does not comply with the court order, he will have to spend an additional 3 years behind bars.

The immigrant admitted to earning a total of £559,520 through the crime.

He added that “the falsification, forgery and distribution of documents by these men could have been used by criminals assisting them in money laundering, fraud and immigration violations in the UK and abroad. In providing such services, these men have been associated with organized gangs that put the most vulnerable at risk.”

All advantages obtained in this way should be disposed of.

“This punishment demonstrates that imprisonment is not the only consequence of criminal behaviour, the NCA will act to prevent people from earning an income from crime,” said Mark McCormack, NCA Unit Head.

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