The US presidential election is rewriting history: You probably didn’t know this about Biden, the fiasco 33 years ago

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1. At the age of 88, Democrat Biden will become the oldest American president to hold office in his first term. Until now, Republican Ronald Reagan was the oldest “first man” in the United States, entering his second term in 1985 at the age of 73. On the contrary, Benjamin was among the presidents Theodore Roosevelt, who took office in 1901, when he was 42 years old.

2. Biden tried to run for president since 1988, but withdrew from the election campaign on suspicion of describing the speech. It didn’t work out in elementary school in 2008, and it ended very soon. But Barack Obama, the election winner, offered him the vice presidency that Biden had served for eight years.

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3. Future Vice President Kamala Harris, 56, daughter of immigrants from Jamaica and India, will become the first vice president of the United States in history. Harris was nominated for the position as the third woman in a row. Democrat Geraldine Ferrara, chosen by Walter Mondale as her right-hand man, became the first in 1984. In 2008, Republican Sarah Palin, who was elected John McCain, followed.

US presidential election

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4. Hillary Clinton was the first woman sent by a major political party to the 2016 presidential election. The former first lady and US Secretary of State lost out to incumbent President Donald Trump. She also tried to join the White House in 2008, when Barack Obama finally won the Democratic nominee and won the election.

Hillary Clinton

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5. The first woman who decided to run for president in the United States with men was Margaret Chase Smith, a Republican Senator from Maine, in 1964.

6. The participation rate in last year’s elections was 67%, the highest in 120 years. In 1860 and 1876, it accounted for more than 81 percent, according to the Presidency Project, the largest proportion historically. The server has registered turnout since 1828.

Counting votes in the United States

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7. Thanks to the exceptionally high turnout, both candidates broke the absolute number of votes that Democrat Barack Obama had won since 2008. At that time, nearly 69.5 million votes had been registered. Last year, Biden won the votes of more than 81 million voters (51.3%), and Trump was voted by more than 74 million people (48.7%). In line with the referendum results, Biden won 306 votes in December, while Trump won 232.

8. Last year’s elections (presidential and congressional) were also the most expensive in history, according to the Center for Responsive Politics and other sources. Candidates, parties, and affiliated groups spent nearly $ 14 billion (about 11.6 billion euros) on all voting campaigns, of which $ 6.6 billion went to the presidential election. Democrats ’spending was two times higher than that of Republicans.

The last presidential debate

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9. Trump joined the other eight White House presidents who failed to defend their mandate. For the last time, this fate befell George Bush Senior, who lost to Bill Clinton in 1992, and James Carter, who was overshadowed by Ronald Reagan in 1980. John Adams (1800), Martin Van Buren (1840), Grover Cleveland (1888), Benjamin Harrison (1892), William Taft (1912) and Herbert Hoover (1932) have also failed in previous years.

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