The United States awarded Carlos Paparoni the 2021 Anti-Corruption Heroes Award

Carlos Paparoni
Photo: Archive

On Wednesday, the US State Department released the list of winners of the Anti-Corruption Heroes Award for the year 2021, including Venezuelan Representative Carlos Paparoni.

according to release Signed by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, the award was presented on the occasion of the International Anti-Corruption Day and Summit for Democracy, organized by President Joe Biden.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs awards paparoni

Too often when we talk about challenges as huge and complex as corruption, we overlook the fact that our ability to make significant progress and improve people’s lives stems from people’s work. People who, out of perseverance, ingenuity and courage, show that even the most pressing problems can be overcome.”

Blinken congratulated Carlos Paparoni and the other award recipients represented in one photo per country.

Anthony Blink

“Working together, we will prevent corrupt actors from operating with impunity. The Department of State reaffirms our commitment to all those working to advance transparency and accountability around the world. Congratulations to the 2021 Anti-Corruption Heroes.” flash.

Paparoni produced work on the financial intelligence and corrupt analysis that were necessary to restrict the illicit financial flows of the Venezuelan regime. Their analysis revealed evidence that 98% of the budget allocated to food subsidies by the regime had been stolen, directly contributing to food insecurity and malnutrition in Venezuela. This was detailed by the State Department in a poster.

“Trump Administration’s Ally to Fight Maduro’s Kleptocratic Regime”.

Marshall Billingsley, the former Treasury undersecretary for counterterrorism at the Treasury, congratulated Papparoni on the honor.

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Paparoni was a senior partner who worked with us during the Trump administration to fight Maduro’s evil kleptocratic regime. That great relationship continued with the Biden administration. It’s great to see him get the recognition he deserves.” Billingslea.

Carlos Paparoni

Carlos Paparoni is one of the deputies elected in 2015. His performance in the National Assembly was closely linked to the investigation of a corruption conspiracy behind the Local Commission for Supply and Production (CLAP).

In addition to his work directly related to the embezzlement of public resources in the Alex Saab conspiracy, the parliamentarian has also repeatedly warned about the poor quality of products distributed in CLAP funds.

And he presented accurate indicators in 2018 indicating the harmful effects on the health of citizens, especially children, due to the Mexican authorities’ discovery of irregularities in the milk purchased by the Venezuelan government.

On that occasion, Papparoni warned that the powdered milk distributed by the government did not meet health standards.

“It takes about 41 cups of milk from CLAPs to receive nutrients from a cup of milk produced in the country,” he said at the time, when headlines related to the issue captured media attention.

These complaints coincided with the journalist’s investigation Roberto Deniz, which identified the names hidden behind the company’s gadgets directed by Alex Saab, the alleged first man of Nicolas Maduro.

The other winners

The US State Department has also granted the following persons:

  • Dorothy Bradley from Belize
  • Nikolai Staikov, Bulgaria,
  • Alexandra Atalides, of Chypre,
  • Carlos Giovanni Ruano Pineda, from Guatemala,
  • Gabriela Alejandra Castellanos, from Honduras,
  • Jamila Marisheva, from Kazakhstan,
  • Juris Juris, de Letonia,
  • Riad Kobeisy from Lebanon
  • Martha Chizuma, from Malawi,
  • Denis Namborette from Mozambique
  • Dr. Turplus Yumak, from Thailand.

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