Referendum. The Swiss supported the law that introduced the Covid passport

62.01% of voters on Sunday expressed their support for the so-called COVID binding law. Only two of the country’s 26 cantons, Schwyz and Appenzell-Inruden, voted against it.

65.7 percent voted in the referendum. eligible citizens.

The initiators of the vote were opposed to the solution to the introduction of the Covid passport in Switzerland, who gathered 187 thousand in a petition for a referendum on this issue. Signatures – much more than the 50,000 required In their opinion, the law introduced discriminates against non-vaccinators and introduces de facto compulsory vaccination in the country, according to German broadcaster Deutsche Welle.

In Switzerland, about 68 percent have been vaccinated so far. Reuters reported. The average number of daily new infections is more than five times higher than in mid-October and is now more than 5,000. Infection – The Associated Press reported.
So-called Covid passports contain information about vaccination, Covid-19 disease or a negative coronavirus test result.

Switzerland also voted on Sunday to raise wages and improve working conditions for nurses, and to change the way parliament or a special expert panel elects federal judges. 61 percent of voters supported the initiative to improve nurses’ working conditions by 68 percent. But the Swiss refused to attempt to change the choice of judges.

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