Israel’s UN envoy cries over human rights report saying he’s totally biased and pointless – international news in Hindi

Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan on Friday tore up the annual report of the UN Human Rights Council at the UN General Assembly forum. He said that the correct place for this report is the trash and it is useless. He said the report was against Israel and biased. Indeed, the United Nations Human Rights Council on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict held a special meeting in the General Assembly, where the Council’s President, Michelle Bachelet, presented the annual report to all member states.

Indeed, the report presented the results of the investigation committee formed after the Israeli occupation of Gaza, which killed 260 Palestinians, including 67 children, 40 women and 16 elderly people. Several families were killed in the attack, including chief physician Ayman Abu Al-Awf and his family. This Human Rights Council report condemned and criticized Israel for its brutal attacks on Gaza.

During a special session of the General Assembly on Friday, the President of the Human Rights Council presented the annual report of the commission of inquiry to all member states. The report is the result of a commission of inquiry set up after the conflict with Hamas in May. The report condemns and criticizes Israel, but ignores Hamas’ attacks on Israeli civilians.

Erdan told the General Assembly that since its establishment 15 years ago, the Human Rights Council has condemned Israel 95 times against 142 against all countries in the world. He further said that the Human Rights Council is riddled with prejudices and has proven that again through this report.

Before he tore up the report and left it on the podium, he said his only place was the trash. He said I addressed the United Nations General Assembly today. They raised their voices against the baseless and one-sided allegations made in the annual report of the Human Rights Council. This year, we are all disappointed again at the Human Rights Council. I have disappointed people around the world who suffer human rights abuses every day, every hour, every minute, but their voices are not being heard.

It is sad, he said, that the voices of the oppressed around the world are not being heard, as the Human Rights Council insists on wasting its time, budget and resources. It targets my country and all kinds of freedom here. In fact, the UN Human Rights Council held its special session on Friday on Myanmar, Afghanistan and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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