The Taliban is cruel! Knock on the door of the house hanged workers for the United States

Former US Navy Mr. Ryan Rogers reveal to the officenewsletterFox News said Thursday (August 19) that a translator who worked with him during the 2010 battle in the Afghan province of Helmand is now stuck in Kabul. He is afraid to be killed

Mr. Rogers also said he had been told by the translator the day before the groupTalibanFollow and knock on the door of the house. Then they hanged three former Afghan military commanders, these were near the lair of the translator.

SourcenewsletterThis person went on to say that the roadmaps targeted members of the Afghan National Army, the police, and the interpreters.

The translator tried to flee Afghanistan by going to the airport. But it was returned by the Taliban to establish a siege. Meanwhile, gunfire was heard. So you decided to turn around and go back in hiding.

On the same day, the US government, led byMr. Joe Biden He recently admitted that there were reports that many people who wanted to evacuate Afghanistan did not make it to the airport. Because the Taliban set up checkpoints to extract them already.

This weekend, the US Department of Defense sent thousands of additional troops to the airport. To help evacuate people, the department did not say whether it would leave the airport to help US citizens or Afghan allies.

Fox News reported, citing one reliable source: The US Department of Defense is currently looking at ways to get its citizens out of Kabul in a way that also has nothing to do with military operations.

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Mr. Rogers said the translator is fine now. But we don’t know what will happen in the next few hours. Because the Taliban are hunting hard.

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