The Monkey King reminds us of the great shots of playing »Vortex

Exactly a year ago, the game first fascinated us Black Legend: Wukong From Chinese Game Science developers. A project they are already working on long yearsIt is heavily inspired by the novel Journey to the West and the legend of the Monkey King, which was very popular in Czechoslovakia thanks to the series of the same name. The game fascinated us – and certainly not just us – but mainly because of its technical sophistication and a very tempting mix of concepts from games like Dark Souls or Dynasty Warriors. Plus, we’ve been able to see it from the game over the past year very muchBut the developers are relentless in providing new footage and as part of this awesome anniversary, it’s giving another 12-minute demo, which is probably the most interesting thing you’ll see in the video game business today. Not only do you get the chance to enjoy a variety of battle scenes and a disarming level of detail, but we also know that developers have moved to the fifth generation of the Unreal Engine and, perhaps most importantly, are finally fully open to audiences in the West.

Perhaps it makes no sense to describe the video itself in more detail, and something tells me that you read the second paragraph of this article exactly 12 minutes and 44 seconds later. However, it is necessary to add that in addition to Unreal Engine 5, the game will also fully support Nvidia’s DLSS technology, so even with a weaker PC you have a chance to play in 4K today. It is not only the artistic level of the graphics that we really like, but also the entire artistic style from the individual parts of the environment, through the main hero monkey, to the monsters themselves, which combine Asian aesthetics with a heavy dose of horror and a certain dark touch, which conveys the black legend: Wukong to a more mature level, regardless of the wonderful nature of the origin. Fans also appreciate that the developers are not shy about simply showing what they’re working on without long speeches, and in light of some recent (non-) announcements, this approach is quite a balm for the gamer’s soul. Most importantly, all footage during standard gameplay was captured in real time, although due to the nature of the action, they can’t represent the final look yet.

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As for the game as such, the developers have not yet specified a release date. Who recently launched Web presentation in English of the project Plus, there are no hints and in an impromptu Q&A section, Game Science representatives simply say the game will arrive when it’s ready. However, it appears that the developers are currently working on optimizing the game for the target platforms, which will be PCs and the current console, so the end may not be far away. What is certain, however, is that the game will be sold as a premium title with potential DLC, or even in-game purchases. But the developers have confirmed that in this way they will never sell anything that could affect the gameplay itself, so we expect maximum cosmetic issues, such as skins or stats that do not affect parts of the equipment.

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