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After Thursday, April 29, Prof. Congress resolutely agreed to sign a law permitting subsidiaries of Withdrawing up to US $ 17,600 (4 UITs) After implementing some of the changes recommended by the Executive Authority, there are many shareholders who wish to know how and for how long they will be able to request access to the said fund from .

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Let’s remember that after passing this stage, the project will move on to For the legislators to debate and vote to approve it with insistence.

How to request withdrawal from Agence France-Presse?

According to Article 2 of the law, withdrawal procedures can be implemented By submitting an application remotely, in person or online to Agence France-Presse To which the subsidiary belongs.

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How long do you request access to this box?

A request for the arrival of up to 17,600 Sudanese pounds to the Armed Forces of the Philippines It will only be conducted once, within 90 calendar days. After the regulation was published.

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The value of pension funds for employees of Agence France-Presse amounted to 160,312 million SP by the end of March 2021 (Photo: GEC)
The value of pension funds for employees of Agence France-Presse amounted to 160,312 million SP by the end of March 2021 (Photo: GEC)

What if I submit my application but no longer wish to withdraw my funds?

In the event that the affiliate submits a request to withdraw, but no longer wishes to access the aforementioned fund from his individual account, You can notify Agence France-Presse ten days before the exchange.

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How will the exchange be?

The approved Persistence Opinion establishes what will be the procedure for withdrawing 17,600 Sudanese pounds from Agence France-Presse funds. After submitting the application to associate You will receive a credit of up to 4300 S / 4300 (1 UIT) every 30 calendar days During the first and second months. The remainder of the permitted amount must be delivered in the third installment.

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The withdrawal of up to 4 units of AFP is imperceptible

Article 3 states that withdrawing funds from Agence France-Presse “preserves the intangible state”, The inability to be the subject of the deduction, statutory or contractual compensation, prohibition, retention, or any form of influence, Either by a judicial or administrative order, without distinction from the account in which they were deposited.

The only supplementary provision states that Banking and Insurance Supervision Authority and Agence France-Presse It will establish operating procedures to comply with this rule, not later than 15 calendar days after the law is published, under the responsibility of its owner.

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