Some runners wonder about the first ski descent across the border between Italy and Switzerland

With the progress of Italy and Switzerland to Make the first descent across the border a reality From the Alpine Ski World Cup circuit, two of the rink’s leading runners, Dominique Paris and Pete Fuse, doubt its viability. The news was published by the Swiss newspaper “Blick”.

With departure to Switzerland – Zermatt Matterhorn – and arrival in Italy – Cervinia – is an ambitious project That it has the necessary financial guarantees for its implementation from the concerned organizations and the technical feasibility of the Islamic Salvation Front and experts.

The goal of FISI and Swiss-Ski is to create a legendary lineage, which can used at the opening sprints in november, Men’s and Women’s Downhill and Super G starting from the 2023-24 season.

The Lauberhorn Descent is one of the legendary races of the World Cup. With a length of 4.3 kilometers, it is the longest and most demanding downhill track on the circuit.

It will be the longest race in the world, up over 4,300m from the Lauberhorn in Wengen, and the first transnational descent in history, starting at 3,899m from Gobba Rollin, south of Piccolo Cervino in Switzerland, to ending at 2,814m at Cime Bianche Lakes on Italian snow.

With a length of approximately 5 kilometers – currently the longest and most demanding World Cup ramp is Lauberhorn, in Wengen, 4.5 kilometers – the World Cup course will start in Gobba di Rollin (3899 meters at sea level), in Switzerland, and will reach the Cime Bianche lakes ( 2814 AD) in Italy.

Olympic Didier Devago He is working on the construction of the track, but the skepticism does not decrease on the part of the skaters themselves.

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Analyzing the position of journalist “Blake” Marcel W. Perrin at the hands of the greatest advocates of world speed in recent years, Dominique Paris and House Views.

Paris He warns: “We are constantly talking about how to make our sport safer, but I don’t think starting to go down to 4,000 meters at the start of the Winter World Cup, with a two-and-a-half minute race, goes in that direction’,” he explains, referring to the massive physical fatigue that skaters will experience.

Fuse He particularly emphasizes the risks with respect to the climate: “I think it is very difficult to find a day in the right conditions, Because it will be in November at an altitude of 4000 meters. Even in good weather, the wind will play a key role, when you should be a regular race.”

For another Swiss Alpine skier, Urs KrähenbühlAlready when we trained on the Zermatt glacier, because of the altitude, We ran out of breath after just a minute of testing. It’s hard for me to imagine how we could do that at a much longer distance under these circumstances.”

Reasons against the new path of the already retired German champion Felix Neuwerther Of another nature: “We have to make skiing sustainable, I just think that building such a long slope does not lead us into the future“.

Four views do not cloud the will to create the longest landing for the World Cup at the foot of the Matterhorn, but this must be taken into account.

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