The Slovak government gradually disintegrated, and another minister resigned

Pin, who also introduced herself towards the Prime Minister. She had previously said that she would not remain a cabinet member under Matovi. Kulikova is the vice president of the smallest government party for the people.

Matovi expressed his desire to resign over the weekend, but made the move conditional on meeting several requirements. One of them was the resignation of Solik, with whom the prime minister has entered into a long-running mutual dispute over the coronavirus crisis. However, SaS has already rejected another request from Matovi to resign from leading one of the three ministries.

According to the poll, more than four-fifths of Slovaks want to leave the prime minister, and in connection with his final resignation, he also spoke of Kulikova’s resignation.

If Matovi resigns, that means the downfall of the entire government, according to the Slovak Constitution. A four-member coalition that enjoys a constitutional majority in the House of Representatives can approve the formation of a new government. According to available information, Matovi would like to serve as the new deputy prime minister for fighting corruption, which was part of the main agenda of the OLaNO movement ahead of last year’s elections. However, Solik was opposed to creating a new position in the government.

In light of the current government crisis, Health Minister Marek Karraji has already resigned from OLaNO. Later, the Minister of Social Affairs resigned from the We Are family, Milan Krajniak. Their successors have not yet been appointed, and the aforementioned ministries are temporarily managed by other members of the government. After Solik’s resignation, the Economy Ministry will now be headed by Transport Minister Andrzej Doliel, who is already the Deputy Minister of Social Affairs.

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