The President of the Czech Republic in hospital can no longer perform his duties

Westrel said the long-term outlook for the president’s health is highly uncertain.

Zeeman was hospitalized on October 10.

Westrell said it was unlikely that Zemans would be able to work in the coming weeks, according to information he received from the hospital.

Zeeman may be subject to impeachment or may be temporarily relieved of his duties by a simple majority in both houses of Parliament.

The Senate will discuss next steps tomorrow.

Zeman plays a crucial role after the elections, as the president decides who will be tasked with forming the government, and now has to choose between former prime minister and long-time ally Andrei Babis and right-wing MP Peter Vial, whose “Together” alliance won the parliamentary elections.

Zeman was hospitalized shortly after a meeting with Babis, who later announced that Zeman had promised to instruct him to form a new government.

Czech media reported that the president suffers from serious liver problems, but the available information is scarce.

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