The last moment: They broke their fingers! He lost 52 kg – news –

“They broke my fingers! It’s down from 107 kilos to 55!”

Dilgam Esgerov and Shahbaz Guliyev, who were held hostage by Armenians, at Kalbajar in Nagorno-Karabakh, where they went with their friends Hasan Hasanov in 2014 to see their village where they were born and raised and visit the graves of their relatives, on November 10, mediated by Russia between Azerbaijan and Armenia. He was released on December 14, according to the signed announcement.

A friend was killed

According to the news in the AA, Esgerov and Guliyev, who found their families after treatment operations in the hospital, visited the grave of the late President Heydar Aliyev. Asgirov and Guliyev, who enjoy reuniting their families and liberating the occupied territories, do not forget their friend Hasanov, who was massacred by Armenians and tortured in prisons, although now they are free.

Delgam Asgirov (left) and Shahbaz Juliev (right).

Penalty life penalty given

Esgerov said that his only crime was visiting Kilbajar, where he was born, to the graves of his relatives, and that no Armenians had ever lived there before. He stated that he visited Kilbajar in the years before his arrest, and stated that Armenian soldiers noticed him in his recent campaign and that his brave friend Hasanov was martyred there. Esgerov stated that he was sentenced to life imprisonment in the so-called court where he was brought and that he was held in Khankindi prison.

“They broke my fingers and hit me on the head.”

Issgerov explained that he was subjected to various torture there. “They broke my fingers and hit my head. We were only allowed to breathe for half an hour during the day. I stayed in a solitary cell. But I never lost hope. Whether in court or in prison, I always said that one day One day, the Azerbaijani army will come, because “I learned that President Ilham Aliyev did not accept that Karabakh was under occupation.”

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“They were tortured by being given electricity.”

Esgerov stated that the Armenians wanted to get him to speak against Azerbaijan by placing him in front of the cameras and saying, “They did not give me food in prison for a year. I was 107 kilograms when I was taken hostage. It fell to 55 kg in one year. They were also tortured with electricity.”

They take us from Shusha to Erivan.

Expressing his knowledge of the operation launched by the Azerbaijani army to save its lands, Asgirov said, “We were in Shusha prison. We had a radio. I heard that the Azerbaijani army started an operation from there. When the Azerbaijani army approached Shusha, they took us from there to Yerevan.” “.

“I see the PKK in Shusa prison”

Noting that Armenia also used terrorists in the war, Issgerov said, “I saw the PKK fighters in Shusha prison. When the war started, they left. I knew they went to fight.”

“We see hell, we are coming.”

Guliyev reported that they were unfairly imprisoned for going to their land. Referring to their torture during captivity, Guliyev said: “It was not life. It was not alive. We saw hell, we came. Now I will celebrate my birthday on December 14, when I return to Baku.”

“The Armenians were surprised by what they had to do.”

Guliyev emphasized that the martyrs who lost their lives in the war had bowed to their lives and that they are free today, and said: “With the advancement of the Azerbaijani army, the Armenians were surprised by what they would do, and the senior officers also began to live in prison. It was like a fortress.

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