Hebrew News – Gwen Newsom in Greenville is burned to the ground: “Our hearts hurt. We will be there to help the city rebuild”

Gwen Newsom in Greenville, who was completely burnt out: “Our hearts hurt. We’ll be there to help rebuild the city.”

California’s governor has made an official visit to the state’s north, where the Dixie Fire, one of the largest in US history, has wreaked havoc.

California Governor Gwenh yesterday (Saturday) toured areas devastated by the Dixie Fire in the north of the state, which has become the largest single fire in US history.

Greenville, California’s governor, burned to the ground (Image: Associated Press)

“Our hearts go out to this town,” Newsmart wrote on Twitter, accompanied by a photo of the ruins of what was once a burned out Greenville Township. “Greenville – Although this moment may seem unimaginable, we will be there to help you rebuild.”

Newsom, who will run for governor again next month, said in 2019 when he was first elected that he plans to improve capabilities and efforts to prevent fires. However, a June report alleged that the governor misrepresented the scope and success of forest management projects, and an investigation found that he cut funding for fire prevention by $150 million.

The governor also claimed that 90,000 acres of forest had been treated by mitigation or other fire prevention efforts, but only 12,000 acres were treated.

The Dixie fire, as mentioned, is one of the largest fires the country has ever known, and it erupted in the wake of weather conditions of heat, drought and strong winds. The blazes destroyed hundreds of homes and almost completely destroyed the town of Greenville, and about 1,000 residents were told to evacuate on Wednesday as fires raged through the town and burned many wooden structures, some over a hundred years old.

The Plames County Sheriff’s Office warned residents in an urgent message: “If you are still in the Greenville area, you are in immediate danger and must leave now!”

“The Dixie Fire set the entire downtown area on fire. Our historic buildings, family homes, small businesses and our children’s schools are doomed,” Joss wrote on Facebook. “Every square inch of downtown holds countless memories for every member of our small community.”

No injuries or deaths have been reported so far, but the county sheriff’s office said Friday night that it was still working to contact eight undisclosed residents.

Greenville, California’s governor, burned to the ground (Image: Associated Press)

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