The expert report prepared by the World Health Organization – El Financiero concludes that “the epidemic can be avoided”

A team of independent experts reviewed a response World Health Organization (WHO) for the coronavirus pandemic, the UN health agency should have “Guaranteed access rights” for countries to investigate emerging outbreaks, A controversial idea that would give him More energy Member states will be asked to give up some of what they have.

at Report published this Wednesday, The commission blamed countries around the world Slow COVID-19 response He pointed out that most of them waited to see the virus spread until it was too late to contain it, which led to catastrophic results. The group was also criticized Lack of global leadership And restrictive international health laws that have “impeded” the WHO’s response to the epidemic.

Some experts criticized the committee for failing to hold the World Health Organization and others accountable for their actions during the pandemic, describing it as “an abdication of responsibility.”

Lawrence Justin of Georgetown University noted that the committee “doesn’t denounce bad actors like ChinaThis perpetuates the flawed diplomatic traditions of the World Health Organization in the face of openness, transparency and responsibility.

She led former Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark, who were appointed by the World Health Organization last year to examine the agency’s response to COVID-19 after surrendering to a request from member states.

“The situation in which we found ourselves could have been avoided today.”Johnson Sirleaf noticed.

In addition to calling for strengthening the WHO’s ability to investigate the outbreak, the experts made a series of recommendations, such as urging the agency and the World Trade Organization (WTO) to hold a meeting between producing countries and vaccine manufacturers to quickly reach. to Agreements on voluntary transfer of licenses and technology, Trying to boost Global supply of COVID-19 vaccines.

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The committee also suggested that the mandate of the WHO Director-General – who is now Ethiopian Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus – be limited to a single seven-year term instead of the current two five-year terms.

This proposal is intended in part to alleviate the intense political pressure those in office may face. In the past year, then-US President Donald Trump’s administration has repeatedly criticized the agency’s handling of the pandemic, focusing on an alleged partnership with China.

An Associated Press investigation in June found that the World Health Organization has repeatedly praised China in public. Its officials complained that the Chinese authorities had not shared important information about the epidemic With them, including the genetic sequence of the new virus.

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