Finland was knocked out, and Portugal got the final

( – The world is still under control of the Coronavirus pandemic, which is why the World Rally Championship (WRX) organizers have had to adjust their calendar for the 2021 season. The planned race in Hell in Norway has been eliminated. To this end, an event in Montalegri, Portugal, has been added to the program, where the final match of the new season will be held.

WRX has changed its calendar for the 2021 season

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Due to the changes, the 2021 WRX season will now begin in Barcelona, ​​Spain, on July 23-24. Then, on July 31 and August 1, the Nürburgring in Germany, where a double head was planned. The event in Sweden has been postponed to August 21-22. Race dates have not changed in France, Latvia and Belgium. The final match is scheduled to take place in Portugal on October 23-24.

The World Championships issued the following statement about the cancellation of the planned race in Norway: “Everything has been done to find a solution, but the strict travel restrictions and the lack of alternate dates made it impossible for us to host an event in 2021.”

Additionally, officials explain Other changes: “The calendar not only offers races on some of the best rally tracks in the world, but it also increases the chance of spectators attending the track if locally possible.” The series hopes that summer will have a positive impact on the number of cases and that fans will be able to perform Hajj again.

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