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© Reuters. Satellite imagery shows Tropical Storm Henry approaching the eastern Atlantic coast of the United States on August 21, 2021. NOAA/REUTERS

Author: Lila de Kreitzer

AMAGENSET, New York (Reuters) – The U.S. East Coast is bracing for a direct attack from Hurricane Henry on Saturday, which threatens to hit the region with violent winds and torrential rain that could cause a “dangerous storm. for life.” and flooding, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) said.

As of Saturday afternoon, the storm had intensified with winds of 75 mph (120 kph) as it moved north 180 miles east of North Carolina. The center said in an advisory report that Henry is expected to land on Long Island, New York or southern New England Sunday night in the current orbits.

The NHC said more than 42 million people in the area received a hurricane or tropical storm warning on Saturday.

Parts of Long Island, New York and New Haven, Connecticut, have been warned of tornadoes and storm surge. Other areas of New England, such as Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, are under watch and alert for tropical storms and storms.

“This is a life-threatening situation. People in these areas must take all necessary measures to protect life and property from rising waters and other dangerous situations.

New York City, the largest city in the United States, has received a tropical storm warning. Mayor Bill de Blasio urged residents on Twitter to stay home on Sundays and use public transportation when they need to travel.

Heavy rain and damaging winds could flood streets and reduce visibility throughout the weekend, emergency management officials said.

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On Saturday, New York City Emergency Management Commissioner John Scrivani tweeted: “Before the storm comes, make sure your outdoors are safe and make sure you’re in a safe place!”

The center warned that Henry could generate 3 to 5 foot waves along the New England coast, wind gusts of 75 mph or higher, 3 to 6 inch wind gusts, and 3 to 6 inches of precipitation, while in isolated areas . They are 10 inches tall.

open shelves

In the small Hampton village of Agansett, New York, the homes of Paul McCartney, Alec Baldwin and Gwyneth Paltrow, wealthy residents usually flock to the supermarket, hardware store, and liquor store early Saturday morning.

In IGA supermarket there are no toilet paper, tissues and other supplies on the shelves. When the shop’s headlights ran out, motorists waited in long lines at the gas station.

Some sick shoppers queued in long lines at Balsam Farm Stand, crowded with anxious shoppers filled with heirloom tomatoes, organic zucchini, $9 free-range eggs, and handcrafted sorella cheese.

Michael Sinek, owner of Amagansett Wine & Spirit, considers shuttering his wood-paneled windows, as shoppers carry bottles of tequila, vodka, and other expensive wines in and out.

“You always have to be prepared,” said Sinek, who has owned the store for 42 years and is also a lifesaver. “You have to take it seriously.”

In the cupboard behind him, he moved a box of pink wine near a wooden table, which contained a list of all the hurricanes and “big hurricanes” that the liquor store had gone through, dating back to the New England hurricane of September 1938.

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The last item listed on the Billboard Five was in 1985, when six hurricanes hit the US, on par with the 1886 and 2020 records.

Sinek recalls that the country was hit hard by a series of thunderstorms. One of them was even named Henry.

When asked if he thought this Henry would cause the same amount of damage, he said he was preparing for the worst and hoping for the best results.

“This is a low point. It all depends on time. There’s a full moon and the tide is high, so if it comes…” He said. “Roll up your pants.”

In Newport, Rhode Island, a 25,000-person coastal yachting community, sewage pumps, light bulbs, and generators are also in high demand.

“They’re preparing based on past experience,” Newport hardware sales assistant Hank Lopez told the Newport Daily News. “In low-lying areas like here, even if it rains a little, people’s cellars will be flooded, not to mention it can develop in that direction.”

Eversource, Connecticut’s largest energy company, warned residents to be prepared for power outages lasting 5 to 10 days.

“I need patience,” said Joe Nolan, president and CEO of Eversource, at a press conference Friday, calling Henry a “very, very dangerous storm.”

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker and Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont have activated their state’s National Guard to assist with potential relief efforts, debris removal, and public safety efforts.

(Writing and reporting by Brendan O’Brien in Chicago; Editing by Daniel Wallis and Diane Kraft)

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