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The Supreme court Temporarily suspend a judge’s order that would have forced the government to reintroduce government department policy Donald Trump Accordingly, migrants must wait on the Mexican side of the border while their asylum claims are processed.

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the judge Samuel Alito The order was issued late on Friday.

It will remain in effect until Tuesday evening so that the parties can debate their arguments in the highest court.

Previously, a federal judge in Texas ordered that the program, officially called the Protocols to Protect Immigrants and otherwise known as “Stay in Mexico,” be reinstated on Saturday. The Joe Biden administration then asked the New Orleans court to postpone a return to politics, but that request was denied on Thursday.

This policy has forced thousands of migrants seeking asylum at the southern US border to remain in Mexico while their cases are being processed. The idea was to discourage seeking asylum, but critics decried that it deprived people of their legal right to seek protection from the United States, and forced them to remain in unfavorable conditions in Mexican border cities.

Texas Judge Matthew J. Kasmarek has ordered the program to be reinstated in response to a lawsuit brought by Texas and Missouri, whose governors are keen to reinstate the Trump administration’s tough anti-immigration measures.

The Biden administration argued that the president had “the clear authority to determine immigration policies” and that Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mallorcas had the discretion to decide whether asylum seekers should be returned to Mexico.

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In its argument to the Supreme Court on Friday, the Biden administration argued that the policy had been suspended for more than a year and that its abrupt reinstatement “would damage relations between the United States and important regional allies, and seriously impede their operations in the United States’ southern border and could create a diplomatic or humanitarian crisis.”

The Trump administration stopped implementing the “stay in Mexico” policy at the beginning of the pandemic, and since then has rejected virtually everyone who made it to the southern border on another pretext, public health, which is still in effect. The Biden administration argued that the policy was delayed for months even before the pandemic.

President Joe Biden suspended the policy on his first day in office, and the Department of Defense terminated it in June.

Kacsmaryk has been nominated for a federal judiciary by Trump. The Fifth Circuit panel that ruled Thursday night included two of Trump’s nominees: Andrew Oldham and Corey Wilson, along with Jennifer Walker Elrod, nominated by President George W. Bush to the Court of Appeals.

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