Unpaid fuel risks confiscated, cruise ship reverses course and takes everyone to the Bahamas

On the basis of the captain’s gesture was an attempt to avoid the confiscation of the boat by the American authorities for the sake of a legal dispute over debts.

An unexpectedly lengthy cruise of several hundred birds from one Cruise ship for us Crystal Symphonywhich instead of docking in Miami, as expected, Suddenly reverse course Transfer all its passengers to the Bahamas. At the base of the leader’s gesture is an attempt Avoid seizure The boat is being filed by US authorities for a legal dispute that sees the shipping company accused of owing millions of dollars in unpaid bills and fuel. The decision came Thursday when a local judge issued a warrant for the ship’s seizure: When the boat arrives in the port of Miami, where it was expected on Friday, it will be detained by local authorities. The commander was then ordered to reverse course to head to the port of Bimini, the part of the Bahamas closest to the United States, where he arrived on Sunday.

A choice that stunned the nearly three hundred sparrows on board who had paid for a cruise to the Caribbean and were ready to disembark. “Many of us have already booked flights, car rentals, etc. When the captain informed us that the ship was no longer sailing to Miami and was instead shifting to Bimini,” one of the passengers on board said on Facebook. For them, the harassment continued into the following hours when they had to return to Florida on the scheduled ferries. A company spokesperson clarified that i About 300 passengers They continued to maintain their stay on the ship on Saturday and were later taken by ferry to Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The company then organized ground transportation to local airports and the Port of Miami. “We regret that the holiday was not the end of the holiday our guests had originally planned,” they explained.

Serious problems even for crew members who don’t know what to do. In fact, Crystal Cruises has already announced the suspension of all cruises At least until the end of April, explaining that the decision serves the company’s management team to allow time to assess the state of the business and possible future options. In fact, based on the takeover, there is a subpoena for Crystal Cruises and Star Cruises (both owned by Genting Hong Kong) by Peninsula Petroleum Far East that accuses the ship managers of breach of contract and claims the companies owed $4.6 million in fuel.

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