The Afghan Minister of Communications today is a pizza delivery boy in Germany

Leipzig (Germany), August 26,

Syed Ahmad Shah, the Afghan Minister of Communications under Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, now works as a Bisha delivery man in Leipzig, Germany.

The news was published on Twitter by German journalist Josha-Mania Schlegel in Leipzig.

I was talking to Sadat, a pizza delivery man in Leipzig, and I’ve seen him serve pizza a few times. He said on Twitter that he was the Minister of Communications of Afghanistan in 2018, then resigned as a Cabinet Minister in 2020 and came to Germany in December 2020.

Syed Ahmad Shah holds two MAs in Communication from Oxford University. He also holds a degree in Electronics Engineering.

Al-Sadat confirmed in an interview with Sky News Arabia that he is now working in pizza delivery in Leipzig.

When asked about the political situation in Afghanistan, Al-Sadd said he did not expect the Afghan government to defeat the Taliban soon.

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