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On December 21, 2021, the Thai government suspended registration of the “Thailand Pass” on the same day as a countermeasure against the novel coronavirus “Omicron strain” and allowed “Test & Go” to enter Thailand without quarantine.

The information received from the Embassy of Japan in Thailand is reproduced below.

Regarding changes to the policy of operating the “Thailand Pass” to enter Thailand (information dated December 23)

On December 22, the Thai government announced a notice of changes to the operational policy of the “Thailand Traffic System”, a permit application system to enter Thailand.
The change points in the process policy based on the notification are as follows (expected to apply for the time being until the revision scheduled for January 4 next year). In addition, at the meeting of the Thai Government Headquarters for the Control of Novel Coronavirus (CCSA) on December 21, the following two points were announced regarding the regulatory actions related to infection control in Japan.
The situation at home and abroad is changing day by day, and there is a possibility that the measures taken by the Thai government will change, so please try to gather the latest information.

1 Change the policy of operating the Thailand Pass system

(1) Items that are paused
New admission to enter quarantine exemption (Test and Go) and protection programs (except for Phuket Sandbox) through the Thailand Pass system will be temporarily suspended at 24:00 on December 21.

(2) Change the operation policy

  • If you have applied for a Quarantine Waiver (Test and Go) or Sandbox Program (excluding Phuket Sandbox) by December 21 and have received permission, and you are entering the country by December 23, permission details can be entered into the country according to the laws.
  • If you have applied for a Quarantine Waiver (Test and Go) by December 21 and have received permission to enter the country after December 24, in addition to the conventional PCR test upon entry, 5 post-entry. It is mandatory to take a PCR test on the first or sixth day. The second PCR test must be done in a public or private hospital (note), but the cost of the test will be borne by the Thai government.
  • If you have applied for the Sandbox program (excluding Phuket Sandbox) by December 21 and have received permission to enter the country after December 24, in addition to the traditional PCR test upon entry. , perform a PCR test thoroughly on the fifth or fifth. Sixth day after entering Japan. The second PCR test will be done by the accommodation facility in cooperation with a public or private hospital (note).
  • In order to confirm exactly where you are after entering Thailand, register the specific smartphone application (MorChana).
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(Note) List of medical institutions conducting novel coronavirus PCR tests designated by the Thai government:https://service.dmsc.moph.go.th/labscovid19/indexen.php

(3) Items that can be applied continuously

  • You can continue to apply using Thailand Pass for entry via Government Designated Quarantine Dormitory (AQ) (Embassy Note) and Phuket Sandbox.
  • When applying for Phuket Sandbox, a paid booking confirmation for accommodation reservations of at least 7 nights and two PCR tests must be submitted. Accommodations are only allowed to stay at home if they comply with the epidemic prevention standards set by the authorities.

(Embassy Note) We will inform you of the number of reservation days required to enter Thailand via the Government Designated Isolation Dormitory (AQ) as soon as we know this, but if you are considering entering Thailand from Japan soon, you are in Tokyo please check directly with the Thai Embassy.
(The home page of the Thai Embassy in Tokyo)https://site.thaiembassy.jp/jp/

2 Regulatory measures for infection control in Thailand

(1) Reluctance or postponement of unnecessary and disruptive travel abroad.
(ii) Encourage the implementation of pre- and post-antigen (ATK) testing when traveling domestically, especially when traveling for extended periods of time.
(3) Encourage the implementation of remote work (WFH) after the New Year holidays.
(4) In addition, encourage the implementation of existing infection control measures. (Note: “Notification from the Embassy” dated December 16 (note)https://www.th.emb-japan.go.jp/itpr_ja/news_20211216.html) Please refer to the. )


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