The specifications of the three Xiaomi Mi 12 phones are fully revealed.

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Yesterday morning, Lei Jun officially announced that Xiaomi Mi 12 will officially hold a new product launch conference on December 28 to launch the flagship Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. Xiaomi has not officially hidden it at all, directly announced the appearance of the two new phones, and it is clear that this year’s models will adopt a strategy Dual flagships with large and small screens. But according to previous news, the Mi 12 series will feature three new phones, Mi 12X, Mi 12, and Mi 12 Pro, only Mi 12 and Mi 12 Pro announced today, and Mi 12X not yet announced.

At the moment, the official did not respond much to this, and did not reveal much in terms of specifications, but at this time some Internet users disclosed the details of the three new machines in advance, although their accuracy has not yet been achieved. Verified. But you can refer to:

I saw the unannounced Mi 12X from the data. As a junior model, its code name is l3a. It will have a 6.3-inch screen and a small curved screen in the middle with a single hole on the front. The resolution is 1080p. Why not 2K? It was clarified that as early as November 13, well-known digital blogger @ 数码 闲聊 站 posted the news: Not all Mi 12 series use 2K screens, but 1080P and 2K resolutions. But it supports high refresh adaptive screen; The core is equipped with a Snapdragon 870 processor that supports 67W wired fast charging; The video uses an anti-shake prime lens with an ultra-large optical base of 50 million pixels + ultra wide angle + triple macro lens combination.

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Xiaomi Mi 12 is the flagship of the small screen, codenamed l3. The front is equipped with a 6.3-inch small curved screen with a single hole, the resolution of the screen is also 1080p, and it also supports a high-refresh adaptive screen. ; Equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor and blessed 4500mAh. Large battery and 67W wired fast charging; Adopts 50 million 1 / 1.3 inch rear pixel custom-made under the large anti-shake optical lens + ultra-wide angle + triple macro lens combination.

Finally, the Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro is the top flagship of the line, codenamed l2, equipped with a small 6.5-inch curved screen with a single hole in the center on the front, supports 2K adaptive high-brushing, equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, built-in 4700 mAh battery + 120W wired fast charging; A periscope telephoto lens has been added to the Mi 12 for photography.

It should be noted that this time the screen configuration of Xiaomi Mi 12 Standard Edition has been somewhat reduced compared to the previous version.This result has made many netizens very sorry, but due to the small size of the device, the 2K screen may bring some screen burden. , this could be considered an impotent option. However, one thing that has not disappointed everyone Xiaomi is that it has always put great efforts into photography and will not let Internet users down. It is worth noting that although its data reveals the three models of the Xiaomi 12, it is still not sure whether it is accurate or not, so netizens can put their minds to the press conference on December 28 and let Xiaomi officially announce it. It is estimated that another Mi 12 Ultra will be released next year.

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