Summary and best moments of Australia 0-0 Saudi Arabia in the qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022 | 11/11/2021

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thank you all!

Thank you all for joining us in this intense duel in an exciting final match, it was a pleasure to be with you all. Check us out!

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full time

10 hours ago

90 & # 39; Yellow for bot and three minutes added

A card for the Australian player for being late and the referee announced the clash for another three minutes

10 hours ago

87 ‘The last two changes to the Australian national team

It’s game over for Boyle and Hrustek, and Dougal and McGarry take their place

Since 5:56 am 10 hours ago

84 ‘Hard offense from Al-Shehri

A newcomer to the field of play, he ends up with a header after a good pass, but the ball does not take direction and leaves it a little.

10 hours ago

81 & # 39; Ryan saves Australia again

Guess the goalkeeper and save the goal after Al-Dosari’s shot

10 hours ago

78 ‘A double change in Australia

Sutar, injured, and Leakey leave, and Andrew Nabout and Digenk enter them

Since 5:51 AM 10 hours ago

75 & # 39; A very clear opportunity for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Farraj’s shot is about to score but Ryan avoids it with a big stretch

5:50 am 10 hours ago

73 & # 39; The heart of the Saudi striker leaves

Al-Brikan leaves, who was not very participatory, Al-Shehri enters his place

5:39 AM 10 hours ago

68 & # 39; The first change of the game

Aware Mabel, who had clear chances, leaves, and Duke, the forward who plays for Okayama, enters his place

5:38 am 10 hours ago

66 ‘Corner for the local team

Hrustic’s corner kick is finished by the Sainsbuty midfielder, but he miraculously dodges a defense that does not enter the ball.

5:31 AM 10 hours ago

60 & # 39; Muhammad Al-Rabal avoids the first

The goalkeeper saves the first goal after a shot from Lecky inside the area.

10 hours ago

57 ‘First yellow card

The first card for the match is for Al-Omari for the center of Saudi Arabia

5:29 AM 10 hours ago

A very clear opportunity for Australia

Perfect solo play by Auer Mabel who leaves several defenders but his shot was rejected by the goalkeeper making a good tackle.

5:20 am 10 hours ago

Part Two begins

We will see if there are goals in the next 45 minutes between Australia and Saudi Arabia

11 hours ago

45′ end of the first half

11 hours ago

43 ‘Again a test of Aware Mabel

The Australian striker shot inside the area, but was stopped and blocked by the goalkeeper

Since 4:50 am 11 hours ago

35 Now who’s trying is Mabel

Midtjilland winger tries with a shot but the ball goes too far from the goal defended by Al Rabie.

since 4:49 am 11 hours ago

30 & # 39; Approximately tens of

Shot from the edge of the penalty area too close to the post

Since 4:39 am 11 hours ago

Great atmosphere in Sydney

Since 4:38 am 11 hours ago

23 & # 39; foul for Australia

Salam Al-Dosari’s mistake after dropping an Australian player. The free kick is taken by Hrustic, but no one manages to finish it

Since 4:35 am 11 hours ago

20′ Centro de Behiche

The Australian side reached attacking positions as they suspended the ball but were cleared with a header by the opponent’s defence

Since 4:33 am

14 & # 39; First shot of the visiting team

Salman Al-Faraj shot inside the area, but Ryan intervened

Since 4:26 am 11 hours ago

11 ‘Century de Mabel Centre

A good ball hung from the end, but it was cleared by the opponent’s defense

Since 4:15 am 11 hours ago

2 ‘First arrival for locals

A ball that falls after several rebounds to Grant who finishes it, but the ball passes over the goal

11 hours ago

Match started

Referee Hyung Jin Koo whistles at the start of the match. Saudi Arabia will have the first possession of the match

11 hours ago

5 minutes

The players are already in the dressing room tunnel, before the champions leap onto the pitch and the national anthems sound

3:54 AM 12 hours ago

Australian players prepare to warm up

3:52 AM 12 hours ago

Fight for the lead

Despite the fact that the top two places qualify for the World Cup, both teams want to top the group and seal their rankings as soon as possible.

Since 3:19 am 12 hours ago

The French coach leaves today with:

3:15 PM 12 hours ago

Arnold started at eleven

3:14 PM 12 hours ago

Australian players arrive at Western Sydney Stadium

3:11 am 12 hours ago

1 hour

In moments, the match between Australia and Saudi Arabia will start in the battle for the first place in Group B. You can follow the match here on VAVEL

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Where and how to watch the match between Australia and Saudi Arabia?

3:01 AM 13 hours ago

What is the date of the match between Australia and Saudi Arabia?

2:56 pm 13 hours ago

Australian call

Since 2:51 am 13 hours ago

group b

A group in which the first two teams qualify directly for the World Cup in Qatar and the third must play another stage. Saudi Arabia leads the group with 12 points and Australia with nine points, followed by Oman and Japan with six points. Finally, there is China with three points and Vietnam zero.

2:41 AM 13 hours ago

How does Australia get there?

Australia have only experienced two defeats since 2019: one in the AFC Asian Cup qualifiers and the last in their last match against Japan in the Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifiers where they lost 2-1 in a visit to Japan. It is second in the group with three points behind Saudi Arabia, although it is true that the first two points in each group qualify directly for the World Cup.

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On eight occasions Australia and Saudi Arabia have faced each other. The scales are favorable to the Australians with five wins, one victory for Saudi Arabia only, and two showdowns. The last time they met was in January 2017 in the 2018 World Cup qualifiers where Australia won 3-2.

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The match will be held at the Allianz Stadium, which is located in the Australian capital, Sydney. The stadium was opened in 1988 and has a capacity of 86,300 spectators.

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Match preview

Australia and Saudi Arabia meet in the fifth match of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar. Both teams are in Group B.

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Welcome to VAVEL.COM’s live coverage of the Qatar 2022 Australia vs Saudi Arabia Qualifier match

My name is Manuel Carmona Hidalgo and I will be an antiferon in this game. We’ll give you pre-meeting analysis and live news here from VAVEL.

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