In the UK, they found military documents at a bus stop

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Processing confidential documents of the British Ministry of Defense Russia’s possible reaction to the departure of a British destroyer A citizen was found off the coast of Crimea this week by a citizen at a bus stop in England, it was revealed this Sunday BBC.

This person found in the city of Kent in the southeast of England about 50 pages of sensitive material, Including emails and PowerPoint presentations, Connect to the public network and choose to remain anonymous. A spokesman for the Ministry of Defense stated that One of his workers had previously reported missing documents It considered it “inappropriate” to provide further comments.

Among the information contained in the papers are details about the passage of the British destroyer HMS Defender Across the waters off the Crimea Which this week raised tension between London and Moscow.

The Russian Navy said it fired warning shots after the British ship did not respond to calls to withdraw. The United Kingdom denied that account and claimed it His ship was making “innocent passage through Ukrainian territorial waters.”According to international law, “No warning sound was heard.

Documents that have surfaced, however, indicate that London was already dependent on it Russia can respond forcefully for devastating raid. Last Monday, top defense officials approached the operation, dubbed “Op Detroit.” They were expecting a “welcome party” by the Russian troops.

“After the transition from a defensive activity to an operational one, it is very likely that interactions with the RFN (Russian Navy) and the VKS (Air Force) will become more frequent and assertive, warns one of the documents.

The papers were found at a bus stop It also deals with military plans in AfghanistanSome details the BBC has not disclosed to protect the safety of British staff in that country.

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Among other issues, the possibility of maintaining a British military presence in Afghanistan once the NATO-led mission is over is being analyzed.


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