Corona in America: a compromise as an exception

aEven at the risk that the metaphor is a bit wrong: But this year, as the Covid-19 virus rages on and the economy collapses, the political system and democracy of the United States is as deeply rooted as it was not so much in previous decades. The parties holed up behind the fortifications. The so-called tribalism has taken hold.

The sad culmination was the presidential election that was a loser, President Trump cardTry to smear it in advance as a scam. To this day, he has yet to admit his defeat, despite the challenge as perniciously. Sadly, millions of voters have bought from him the fictional election fraud story from him to this day. It is not difficult to guess what these people think of the reconciliation offers made by the designated successor Biden.

Against this background, it is noteworthy that the bipartisan congressional package has approved yet another aid package with a bipartisan majority. It is also worth noting that both sides stress how the agreement was reached between the parties – as if the desire for settlement was not otherwise seen as surrender.

Is there a chance to rehabilitate compromise as a form of majority creation in the post-Trump era? This will be the case with some issues, such as policy toward China and Russia. Unfortunately, there are still exceptions. The trenches in Congress are deep and wide.

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