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The Iraqi Ministry of Education has begun to reveal the results of the sixth primary 2021, the first round in all governorates, as it announced before the first Rusafa Education the results of its students, and educational institutions called on students to reveal the grades until they are uploaded electronically via the Iraqi Ministry of Education website, and the links will be available via our results website and is successful in Iraq. Today, we shed light on the announcement of the results of the sixth primary, so that each student knows the grades of the first round.

Links to the results of the sixth primary 2021 Our results

We provide you with links to inquire about Sixth primary results 2021 الابتدائي In Iraq for the ministerial final grade exams in all governorates (Rusafa first, Rusafa second, Karkh first, Karkh second, Diyala, Maysan, Basra, Kirkuk, Najaf, Anbar, Karbala, Nineveh, Salah al-Din, Qadisiyah, Dohuk, Wasit, Muthanna).

Correction work is currently taking place inside the control system in order to complete the announcement of the results of the sixth primary before the start of correcting the answer sheets of the third intermediate students, after the exams stopped for several weeks due to the power outage.

to get Sixth grade results Iraq Press here

Successful website results for the sixth primary 2021

All Iraqi students want to know the results of the exams for the sixth grade of primary school through a successful website, which uploads pdf files containing the lists of successful students in the primary stage and sequentially in various governorates as soon as they are issued by the Iraqi Ministry of Education, in addition to Alsumaria News that follows up the news of exams and results of students in different academic levels .

Iraqi Ministry of Education

The Iraqi Ministry of Education announces, through its electronic platform, the results of the sixth primary 2021, in conjunction with its issuance through education in the announced governorates; To visit the Iraqi Ministry of Education website, click here

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A prayer of success and success

We leave you prayers for success and success, and God bless and God help.

  • My Lord, open my chest for me, ease my affair for me, and untie the knot of my tongue so that they may understand my words.
  • In the name of God Al-Fattah, O Allah, there is nothing easy except what you make easy, and you make sadness whenever you want
    Make it easy, O Most Merciful of the merciful, O God, Amen.
  • Oh God, I entrust to You what I have read, memorized and what I have learned, and I entrust it to you when I need it.
    You are able to do anything.
  • There is no god but you, by your mercy I seek help, O helper of those who seek help, help me, O Most Kind, deliver us from what we fear.
  • Oh God, grant us success in every matter, attaining every goal, and grant us the summit in the degrees of knowledge.
  • O Allah, please me with what You decreed for me, and heal me with what I kept, so that I do not like hastening what I delayed, nor delaying what I hastened.
  • Oh God, we ask you for a righteous deed, a homely sustenance, and a stable life.
  • O God, cast your hope into my heart, and cut off my hope from anyone but You, so that I do not hope for anyone but You.
  • Oh God, whose kindness to his creation is comprehensive and benevolent to his servant, continue, do not deprive us of the circle of kindness
    And we are safe from all that we fear and be for us with your apparent hidden kindness.
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