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The root cause of stiff shoulders is said to be ‘bad posture’ and ‘muscle strength’. However, it is difficult to maintain good posture without tensing the muscles. Shin Ohashi, a physical therapist and internationally certified teacher at Alexander Technic, said, “Singing a phrase can cause the brain to delusional and create good posture while still being relaxed. As a result, stiff shoulders are immediate. We will improve.”

*This article is based on Shin Ohashi.A great book that improves your posture just by saying a magic phrase](Asokashinsha) is a partial re-editing.

Subconscious strains the muscles around the neck

I’ve examined many people’s bodies, but more than 90% of them, including those who aren’t aware, have unknowingly strained their neck. There are two main reasons.

First of all, you have to push or squeeze your shoulders. My neck is shrinking. And try to be very proud. Your back narrows and your neck muscles tighten as well.

Keep your left and right shoulders apart and relieve tension around your neck.

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The point at that time is to naturally lead to the right posture by weakness rather than hard work. It is difficult to achieve this with the effort of “let’s go!” So I’ll borrow the power of words. When you say a word, an image is generated in your head. This picture brings a sensory experience and it really becomes that way.

A phrase that releases the shriveled neck and shoulders

[العبارة السحرية 1]In the spring, the shoulders slowly separate until the alpine snow melts.

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Symptoms that can be improved other than the situation

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・Stiff shoulders/Stiff neck
·shortness of breath
・ Autonomic imbalance

When the snow in mountains like the Japanese Alps gets warmer in the spring, the snow melts day by day. After that, the area of ​​the green color will slowly increase.

Imagine your shoulders slowly and slowly spreading as the snow melts, and you use a magic phrase. The trick is to spread it in all directions, not to mention left and right.

It is important for your body to swing in order to maintain good posture, but because this “oscillation” is not limited to one direction, your shoulders, neck and back must slowly adjust to melt. , it is better to flow in different directions. When this image is assimilated, the tightening of the muscles around the neck that has been contracted or stretched disappears as if it were melted, the neck is gently stretched, and the posture smoothly rises.

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