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But this move was condemned by a number of analysts, and a democratic politician described the policy as “surrendering to al-Qaeda.”

Most of the American soldiers in the region are training Somali forces to help them fight the Islamist extremist group Al-Shabab.

A CIA official was killed last month during heavy rain on a suspected al Shabaab bomb-maker.

President Trump has already ordered reductions in the number of US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration in January.

According to the Pentagon, some Somali forces will be sent to neighboring countries, while others will leave the region completely.

They said in a statement: “The United States does not withdraw or secede from Africa.

“We remain committed to our African partners and our enduring support through a whole-of-government approach.

While there is a change in the position of force, this action is not a change in US policy.

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“We will continue to weaken violent extremist organizations that could threaten our homeland while ensuring that our strategic advantage in great-power competition is preserved.”

But this withdrawal was denounced by a number of analysts who warned that it might promote extremism.

Jim Langevin, a Democrat who chairs the House Intelligence Subcommittee, described the decision as “a surrender to Al Qaeda and a gift to China.”

And many American forces in Somalia are training the “Danab”, a special unit of Somali special forces.

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Tricia Bacon, a former State Department expert on Somalia, said the US withdrawal would impede the war on terror.

“Al-Shabaab will consider the American withdrawal as a victory, and a critical step in its mission to expel foreign forces from Somalia and control Somalia,” she said in her statement to the Guardian.

“The American withdrawal will hinder the Danab Force in particular, which has been the most effective Somali force against Al-Shabaab, due in large part to American support.”

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