Richard Carabaz won the Tour of Switzerland

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Ecuadorean cyclist Richard Carapaz was declared champion of cyclists in Switzerland on Sunday 13 June, lifting his first trophy with the English team Ineos. Carapaz completed the round in 24:44:01. They were followed by Colombian Rigoberto Uran, just 17 seconds behind, and Denmark’s Jacob Vogelsang, 1:15 minutes ahead of the leader.

The 28-year-old athlete is a clear example of effort and humility. His achievements inspire and are proud of many because he has shown that dreams come true as long as one works towards them.

At the end of the competition, the champion said: “The victory shows the strength of the team we have. I am happy to win because it is a real victory for the team, as we all work well.” He added to him, “When you work with the team and do things well, you get your reward. It gives us a lot of confidence for what’s to come.”

Carabaz will start the Tour de France in the front row, along with Geirant Thomas, of Wales, and will be looking to lift another title. This was stated in his statements. “I will share leadership with Thomas in the Tour. We just want to win the Tour. Of course, it all depends on how things go and the Tour will put us in the right place, but we will be there with a strong team,” he decided.

On the other hand, Ritchie is making his country dream about the Olympics that kick off next month in Tokyo, where he will share the road with his friends Jefferson Cepeda and Jonathan Kaisedo. It should be noted that the only Ecuadorean to win an Olympic medal is Jefferson Perez, in athletic walking.

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But his undeniable talent and achievements show that he can go far in the most important sporting event in the world. His first big victory was in 2019 when he won the Giro d’Italia, although he was representing another team at the time.

In the 2020 Tour de France, his first major tournament with Ineos, he also performed well, placing thirteenth and third best South American in the competition.

Carapaz will continue to fight to the end to leave the name of his country at the helm of the sport.

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