Steps to download PUBG MOBILE KR Korean 1.4 full original version and the secret to install PUBG MOBILE KR Korean for all devices via the official links

How to download the Korean PUBG MOBILE 1.4 KR, the search for it on the Internet has increased recently from many, many young people, so the Korean version of the famous PUBG Mobile game is characterized by more excitement and movement while playing, as this version has been added additional and new features in the basic game So, if you are a fan of the Korean PUBG game and are looking for a way to download it, this article will be useful to you.

Download the Korean game PUBG

If you are interested in korean pubg game PUBG MOBILE 1.4 KR and you want to download it using the same account that you use in the basic standard version of the game, you must know that you will start again from the first level of the football version, and you will not keep your record of your previous victories from the standard version, and how and how to download we will provide it to you in the following lines.

How to download korean pubg game

And about the way Download the game Peggy Korean mobile, you cannot download it from the Google Play Store, as this version needs to download a Korean IP address. You can do and get it through a VPN service, the solution will provide you with two ways to download the first of them in the following:

You will use an alternative app store like and download the game easily. By clicking the download button on this page and following the usual installation procedure.

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Download korean pubg from uptodown

As we mentioned previously, the Korean PUBG MOBILE 1.4 KR game has special requirements for downloading and you can download it securely so that you do not encounter any problems or disruption while playing through the uptodown site from Here. And follow the downloading steps prescribed by the site.

Steps to download korean pubg mobile for iPhone

By following a number of simple and easy steps, you can, dear follower, prove the download of the Korean Buggy for iPhone, and these steps are what we will explain to you in the following lines:

  • Open the App Store.
  • The next step is to change the country or region it belongs to, and choose the Republic of Korea.
  • Tick ​​√ to indicate that you agree to all terms and conditions.
  • Write the name of the city.
  • One of the most important steps to download the Korean Pubg is writing the following postal code, which is 011-600.
  • Finally, click on the Done icon.
  • And for the successful installation of the Korean PUBG for iPhone, the “Store App” application must be closed and reopened again.
  • By completing all the previous steps, you have changed your store to the Korean App Store.
  • Search for PUBG MOBILE KR and then install it easily.

Charging PUBG wedges by hands

midasbuy is the best way to ship pubg widgets by id safely and legally, and it is also one of the easiest and fastest way to ship pubg widgets that millions of pubg players are looking for in the latest version.

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The method of charging PUBG tugs from midasbuy is done by entering the player’s own hands into his PUBG account, and every time the player uses PUBG tugs shipping, he gets 30: 6000 uc as a free gift from Midas Bay.

PUBG skins are a gift from midasbuy that is provided without limits, for example, if the player transfers 4000 skins, midasbuy gives him 2000 uc for free as a gift to use the site to charge pubg UC.

pubg new update 1.4

With the new PUBG 1.4 updates, the developers and programmers of the game have provided many features, most notably the following:

  • The presence of the train in the maps of PUBG.
  • Double-zone development for more visible magnification.
  • “Energy” drink machines in the desert map of PUBG Mobile.
  • Add a number of new high-quality PUBG maps.
  • The team press special time has been reduced from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.

Korean KR 1.4 Download Link

Through our article today, we brought to you, our valued followers, the link to download the new version of the Buggy game for all Android devices, iPhone and iPad, and all devices on which the Buggy game can be downloaded, and these links are official, documented, certified, non-fake links:

Link to download the Korean version of PUBG for Android xapk click Here

Link to download the Korean Pubg for iPhone and iPad click Here

Download the new version of the PUBG game from Google Play Click Here

In conclusion, we hope that we will be happy for our followers in a detailed presentation on how to download the Korean game PUBG MOBILE KR 1.4 PUBG MOBILE KR and the official download link for all devices and the steps to charge the widgets with hands from the site m:idasbuy Shipping So go ahead and download it now and enjoy playing.

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