What new features do you expect the most in Android 12?

While the first developer preview of Android 12 should arrive in a few weeks, we’d like to know what new features are you waiting for the most in the next release of Google’s mobile OS? We have listed some ideas that may interest you.

Android 11 has yet to be fully rolled out by many manufacturers, as Android 12 has already begun to talk about it. The next major release of Google’s mobile operating system is the subject of neglect, while the first developer preview should be in full swing in a few weeks.

One-handed mode, game mode, computer mode

In Frandroid, we imagined List of new Android 12 features That we would like to see applied. Among them is a good one-handed navigation position, while smartphone diameters tend to grow larger over time. A better convergence between Android and Windows 10 will not be rejected, With the ability to install the Android application on Windows.

Similar to what Samsung has put out, putting the computer (or TV) on to Android smartphones can be a great feature for users. As is the case with the scrollable screenshots, which can definitely be found on high-end devices from the big brands, but it remains a missing feature in Android.

What features would you like to see on Android 12?

Finally, let’s mention the original gameplay mode, which should allow, for example, to cut out notifications and improve performance when playing a greedy game. Plus, better privacy protection with new functionality, although Google’s business model relies partly on data acquisition. Of all these features, which one makes you want the most on Android 12?

As usual, the comments section can be an opportunity to explain your choice and add a suggestion not mentioned in this article.

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