Spence reveals 220 “Chinese boats” that they indicate are not fishing – they immediately withdraw the country.

Spins reveals the image of “Chinese ships.”Pointed 220 ships, not fishing – immediately withdrew into the country.

Revolves around the image of “Chinese ships” – March 22nd BBC Report that Mr. Delphine Lorenzana The Philippine Defense Secretary calls on the Chinese authorities to remove more than 200 fishing boats that invaded the waters near the country’s sovereignty. Whitson Reef Or what the Filipinos call Julian Philip Reeve In the South China Sea since last March 7

Mr. Lorenzana has revealed photos of several fishing boats floating in a protracted dispute over ownership. They repeated that these boats were not fishing. The crew is also a military officer. This action violates the maritime sovereignty of the Philippines.

Some of the approximately 220 Chinese ships reported by the Philippine Coast Guard, believed to be run by Chinese maritime militia personnel, were photographed in Whitson Reef, South China Sea, March 7, 2021. Photo taken on March 7, 2021. Philippine Coast Guard / National Task Force- West Philippine Sea / Handout via Reuters

Lorenzana said about 220 Chinese ships invaded Julian Philippe Reef in the Philippines’ EEZ. We urge China to stop the invasion and recall these ships that are violating their maritime rights. Including the encroachment on our sovereign land, “said Mr. Lorenzana. The Chinese government has been accused of inciting the use of military forces to occupy the area. The Chinese authorities have refused to comment on the matter.

Previously, two years ago President Rodrigo Duterte The Philippine leader made clear the policy of not responding to China’s advance in the waters of the South China Sea if President Xi Jinping The Chinese leader wants to fish in the disputed waters. “If I send the Navy to hunt down the Chinese fishermen, I’m convinced none of them will come home,” Duterte told the AP.

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Spin around an image The Philippines has called on China to withdraw 220 ships it accuses of trespassing on its territorial waters in the South China Sea. Defense Secretary Delphine Lorenzana said the Chinese ships were violating Philippine naval rights. The Philippines says the fishing boats do not appear to be fishing and the crew has Chinese marine militia. Reuters
Spin around an image

Photos released by the Philippine Coast Guard show a row of Chinese ships anchored at the Whitsun Reef (called Julian Felipe Reef by the Philippines) in the South China Sea on March 7. The intergovernmental task force said coral reefs are located within the exclusive economic zone of the Philippines. Reuters

Photos revealed 220 boats that indicated no fishing.

According to the Philippines, China had around 220 ships anchored in coral reefs. Defense Minister Lorenzana said: “We call on the Chinese to stop this incursion and summon the boats that violate our maritime rights and encroach on our sovereign territory.” Reuters

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