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The prototype of SpaceX’s Starship transportation system by American engineer and businessman Elon Musk made a hard landing during the following tests. Contrast broadcast It was connected in twitter.

to me Ars Technica editor Eric Berger tested the eleventh prototype of the spacecraft (SN11), which, during maneuvers, rotated on its axis somewhat more intensely than testing previous products. How do advertiser Musk, Starship crashes, possibly due to problems with the second Raptor engine.

In March, Musk caused the explosion of the 10th prototype of the spacecraft (SN10). what happened Earlier in the same month, The name of the object The low thrust of his Raptor engine, possibly due to partial helium from the fuel tank.

In December 2020 Thomas Muller, developer of Merlin and Raptor rocket engines Tell He left SpaceX.

In March 2018, musk advertiserThat the Raptor will have the highest thrust-to-weight ratio (the ratio of thrust that the engine develops to its weight) of any engine ever in operation in the world.

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