Due to a travel ban: Schlitte won an International Silver Medal in the bunker

Down to the basement, all the way to international heights. Despite travel bans and contact restrictions, VFL Wolfsburg wrestler Matthias Schlett celebrated a special success: “Unfortunately, the requirements only allow championships in a few countries, so the arm wrestling scene is always looking for new weight training challenges. “The German champion says 12 times. He has now won the silver in the Pronation Challenge.


The goal of this challenge is to lift as much weight as possible on the judo belt with one arm that should remain parallel to the ground. The belt is only placed in the hand, then the weight is lifted. “The pronation describes a twisting, or twisting, wrist movement, which is one of the most important, if not the most important, movements in professional arm wrestling,” Schletti explains. Armwrestlers from Australia, North America, and Europe competed in international comparison. In two classification classes, the precious metal was awarded the highest maximum weight and highest weight in relation to body mass.

All participants were required to submit their evaluation videos, and the winners were presented as part of a sports proposal (Uncle Jones Armwrestling Show) Via Youtube Live Streaming. After several attempts, the Wolfsburg man gained 42.7 kg and ended up in seventh place in the first category.

However, in the second classification category, Shalit left many of his competitors behind due to his light body weight of 75 kg. Ultimately, VfLer finished second behind US Champion Rob Vigeant and was happy with the silver. With a weight of 42.7 kg, it made him reach 57 percent of his body weight.

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“Huge success against major international competition, some of these competitions will definitely follow. However, I am happy that real arm wrestling tournaments will be held again soon,” says Shalit. “I prefer fighting against people rather than fighting against cold numbers.”

That is why Shalit is still preparing for the European Championships in Kiev (Ukraine) in mid-June, after the tournaments have been held in the United States and Eastern Europe again in the past two weeks. There is a video about the various attempts and the path to the silver on Schlittes Youtube-Kanal “Hellboy Armwrestling Entertainment” And also on his social media channels of Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok.

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