Finnland Unplugged – Sauna release

Since you are usually alone in the sauna with family or friends, but without strangers, the moods are completely different. People talk, laugh, and make their infusion (not just by the sauna master). And it can be very difficult, as more water is evaporated here most of the time than most German saunas. There are two very important things after a sauna: a dip in the lake and a cold beer.

That’s why Coco was there for a refreshment that evening. Sabine Krieger and her husband also sell this type of Finnish beer in Germany. So if you want to try it, you don’t have to drive to Finland, you can order it on amazon.

Of course, culture should not be neglected either. In May, AISTI T. Aisitit is the Finnish word for the senses that begins in KINDL, at the Center for Contemporary Art in Berlin, and will therefore be about perception in this exhibition, which will be on display in a total of five European cities. This is regulated by the Institute of Finland, among others. This was also introduced by another artist. The 2021 visiting artist at the Institute of Finland is Helena Kopela with her exhibition “In der Unendlichkeit – Inside Infinity”.

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