“Ships Fly”: In England I photographed a ship that appears to be hanging in the sky – News on UNN

Kiev. March 5. UNN. In England, off the coast, a man filmed a ship that appeared to be flying over the water. Reports about it UNN With Connect to BBC.


A man named David Morris, walking along the coast of England, near Falmouth, snapped a photo of a rather strange phenomenon. The photo shows a ship hanging over the water. But how is this possible?

This optical illusion is common in the Arctic, but it is still very rare in the UK in winter, David Breen, a BBC meteorologist, explained.


Wonderful mirages are caused by weather conditions, known as temperature inversion, when cold air stays near the sea and warm air stays above it. A meteorologist said, “Because cold air is denser than warm air, it refracts light, so the distance an object falls to in the eyes of those standing on the beach looks different.”

The man also noted that such mirages are capable of creating different types of images for the human eye. In this case, the ship appears to be “floating high above its actual position”, but in some cases you can even see the object in sight.


We’ll mention, the court is in the United States He appointed the ship’s crew, Which North Korea seized, compensation of $ 2.3 billion.

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