The murder of Veronica de Neto Yedra Prieno is still wanted

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March 5, 2021
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Veronica was killed nearly two months ago, but her killer was not arrested and her father knew nothing about the investigation. Veronica has not yet achieved justice, and her mother has yet to finally say goodbye to the only living parent, her mother passed away a year and a half ago. Luigi de Neto is not giving himself peace, he wants to get to San Francisco, he wants to say goodbye to Veronica and embrace his last niece, who was born in the same hours that Renato Yedra Briceno killed his aunt’s life.
This is the story of a female killer, like that of Elena Fabri in Faenza or Roberta Seragossa in Palermo, but Veronica de Neto, 34, was killed the night of January 15 with a stab in her throat by her ex-boyfriend. No words, nothing known. The only difference from the other victims is that Veronica was killed thousands of miles away, in Daly City, outside San Francisco. In his apartment, the man who was later recognized by the police, was Renato Yedra Briceno, who worked as a butcher at the same job as the young woman. We only know that that morning, a few minutes after the eighth, the firefighters arrived at 85 King Court to put out a fire, inside the apartment they found Veronica de Neto lifeless. After several days of investigation, the US authorities placed a reward of $ 10 million on an American citizen, who is wanted, and is suspected of having fled to Mexico, where he has friends and relatives. In fact, since then nothing has been known about the investigations. There is talk of a person arrested on charges of aiding and abetting that he allegedly facilitated his escape, but there is no official news.
Yesterday in Latina’s office, Veronica’s father’s attorney, Valerio Masi, the transmission squad led by Federica Ciarelli, arrived? “We ask – Father Luigi says – for help from the authorities. I have to thank the Mayor of Latina who tries to do everything possible. I cannot get a visa to get to the United States. Then I would like to embrace my other daughter, who lives there and gave birth in the hours of the tragedy, I can’t even think of what she’s gone through: she was calling her sister, she had to go to the hospital, and she didn’t answer the phone … ”Luigi De Neto is bent on the pain. His lawyer intervenes: “We appeal to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. We ask you to take this case seriously. She is a citizen who was brutally murdered abroad, and the family has the right to help, so we are unable to do so. Get a Luigi visa. ”Are they keeping you updated on the investigations?“ No – the lawyer replies – we don’t know anything but we really hope the ministry will help us now. ”Luigi has a black box in his hands, and his son Dante has just brought it from the US:“ They are ashes Veronica, that’s all I have left of her. “
Monica Forlevici
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