“Serbia” launches a project to give 900 baht money to motivate people to receive vaccination against the Coronavirus.

SerbiaThe launch of the donation program of 25 euros for vaccinated citizens.Coronavirus diseaseBefore the end of May, after seeing people were less alert to receive a full vaccination.

Alexander Vossis, president of Serbia for Eastern European countries, said on Wednesday that it will give three thousand dinars to each Serbian citizen, or about 25 euros (about 900 baht), to the immunized citizens.Covid-19 Before the end of May it is one of the measures to stimulate public awareness of getting a vaccine against COVID.

“All citizens who receive the vaccination by May 31 will get 3000 dinars,” Voces told local media. It is prepared to add that and expects the measure to stimulate about three million people to voluntarily receive their first vaccine by the end of May.

Serbia, a country of about 7 million people, began distributing the vaccine to its residents on January 8, as of May 2, about 2 million people have received the first vaccine, or 29 percent. Saint, but after starting to distribute the first vaccine in fact, only 1.4 million people were accepted into both vaccines, or 21 percent of the total population, which is an average of injection speeds that were far below the government’s goal. Due to the fact that people are not awake to get a second vaccine

Another Serbian leader said this measure is in order to reimburse citizens who have social responsibility. At the same time, it is preparing to expand the procedures for distributing funds by establishing vaccination points in malls. Besides offering vouchers to buy things for people who are also vaccinated

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For a country located on the Balkans, vaccines are being ordered from manufacturers including Western pharmaceutical companies Astra and Pfizer, as well as the Chinese vaccines Sino Farm and Russia’s Sputnik Five. Serbia commented that Serbia was the first country in the world to donate money for free vaccinations. To create incentives for people

I haven’t seen any medical procedure in the world. Distributing funds for vaccination against Coronavirus Serbia is not only the first country in Europe. But it is also the first country in the world. “But he warned,” Money to motivate people to vaccinate could be a double-edged sword. Because it might make people very poor, they want to be vaccinated, but they have made other groups of people resist. “

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