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Did something happen to change? It became popular not only a few years ago because of the weird technique used to salt cuts of meat, but also because of its unflattering appearance in any of his Instagram posts or celebrity-flanked events; However, amid constant criticism of his London restaurant Nusr-Et Steakhouse where a 24-karat gold-dipped steak fetches $2,000, Nusr-Et Gokci surprised his followers by sharing a photo from the past where it looks very different.

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The past few weeks have been intense for the Turkish chef, not only because of the demand for spaces on the premises, but also because he had to contend with various comments from diners who were not comfortable with the service received. Some customers indicated they were forced to share a table, another claimed they refused a $13 tip, and others explained that they consumed $3,000 and were “treated like children.”

Salt Bae’s look from the past

Nusrett Gökçe used her official account on Instagram To show an old photo in which it appears much smaller and completely unrecognizable. He is known around the world for his way of adding salt to meat, but also for his sunglasses and his monochromatic michi-tie outfit.

However, this photo allows his fans to get an idea of ​​how he has changed over time. The photo was taken 23 years ago and appears in front of the sea in 1998.

He does not appear in his usual white shirt and black pants, but in a dark shirt with a print on the front and jeans. In addition to the owner of the salt She also misses her hair tied in a signature ponytail.

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The appearance of the Turkish chef at the age of fifteen caught the attention of his followers on Instagram who did not take long to comment on him and even compare him to Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Salt Bae’s Pricing Controversy

Nusrat, 38, currently has 17 restaurants in his chain and has a legion of famous worshipers, including DJ Khaled, Leonardo DiCaprio and David Beckham. It opened its London branch in October, with e influencers Keen to try celebrity dishes online.

Recently, a millionaire dining at a new London restaurant claimed via social media that “It’s not worth it or it’s not worth itAnd that the prices they charge in the facility are “exorbitant”.

Since the new Chef Nusrat Gokce opened Nasr It Steak House In the luxury neighborhood Knightsbridge In the English capital last September, more than one restaurant was surprised by the exorbitant cost of table service, Which came to $6900And many customers across the networks expressed their dissatisfaction with the accounts at the end of the night.

According to Chiraag Suchak, a 33-year-old entrepreneur who works in investment banks and is known as a millionaire, a meal at a restaurant is not worth it. “How can a man justify paying $15 for a drink or $870 for a steak?”Commented on the British media On his experience at the new Salt Bae store in London.

Who is Salt Bae?

Nusr-Et, aka Salt Bae, is a Turkish chef and restaurateur who owns Nusr-Et, a Turkish chain of steakhouses. He has the art of cooking and preparing meat Internet sensationHe trained as a butcher and cook.

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Gökçe was born in Erzurum, Turkey in 1983, his father was a miner. Due to the financial problems his family was going through, he dropped out of school in the sixth grade and Started working as a butcher apprentice In the Kadikoy district of Istanbul at the age of thirteen, he moved to work in Turkish steakhouses for more than 10 years. of Kurdish origin.

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Salt Bey is a very famous Turkish chef in the world who managed to form the millionaire empire that he enjoys today starting from a humble job as a butcher. In the next video, we’ll tell you a little more about him, which will undoubtedly surprise you with his way of slicing meat and the exorbitant prices that a meal costs in his restaurant.

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