A document on aid to Ukraine has been submitted to the US Congress. “Word and decode

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Some members of the US Congress presented to the House of Representatives United States of America A bill calling for Washington to increase military and diplomatic assistance to Ukraine. The authors of the statutory law are Republicans.

about this The document saysPosted on the website of the Foreign Affairs Committee.

It is noteworthy that politicians propose to approve the allocation of $ 450 million by the State Department in the current fiscal year as military aid to Ukraine. This fiscal year began on October 1.

In particular, this clause provides for the provision of Ukraine “critical capabilities, including surface-to-air missiles, air defense systems, anti-ship missiles and anti-tank missiles.”

The lawmakers also called for “support for the rapid deployment of additional monitors from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe to monitor the Russian-Ukrainian border and report acts of aggression” in Donbas.

At the same time, the document provides Washington’s full diplomatic support for Kiev, especially in Ukraine’s efforts to strengthen its relations with other countries, including Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania and Turkey.

If approved, the bill would require the US government to tighten sanctions on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and reject Russia’s proposals for strategic stability, including the deployment of missiles in Europe.

We will mention this at the US State Department Details of the talks in Geneva Between the United States and Russia on January 10.

Also in Kiev A meeting of Norman advisors has begun Ukraine, Germany and France.

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