Richard Berry’s ex-wife defends herself after accusations of incest and actress Marilou Berry supports her cousin

Yesterday we learned that Colin Berry, the eldest daughter of Richard Perry, has accused Jane Manson of committing incest several years ago.

The actor’s ex-wife released a statement in which she spoke for the first time. The American strongly denies these facts.This approach appears to be inspired by the girl’s extreme dissatisfaction with her father in troubled family relationships. It raises facts of an incest nature that date back to the period 1984/1985. Mr. Berry has just denounced these startling accusations. I subscribe to his entire denial, and I firmly reject and oppose the existence of such facts“she writes.

I have never noticed any inappropriate behavior on his part on Colin during his short life together and on the occasion of Richard Perry’s restricted visitation rights to his daughter. My daughter Jennifer Lee has never mentioned any mysterious behavior of Mr. Berry on herThe American singer adds.

“If I had known, if not simply suspicious, the smallest act against nature against children, I would have immediately started the legal process to convict their author, was he a famous actor,” she says. “I am so amazed and in pain that I am taken on the task of settling family accounts. Justice, now seized, will know how the truth comes out.”Ex-wife concludes.

Marilou Berry supports his cousin

On Instagram, Marilou Berry, a cousin of Colin Berry, decided to support the young lady. This, in the story, shared a group post “Nous All” mentioning “Support to Coline Berry” and the hashtag #MeTooInceste.

Actress Marilou Perry also wanted to thank the association, before posting a picture of herself with Colin Berry and her mother.

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