Australia makes its first call to the Tokyo Games with 7 NBA

Around them are names like Aron Baynes, Ryan Broekhoff, Matthew Dellavedova, and Chris Goulding or Brock Motum.

Australia will play in this group in the games:

Group B.


Pre-Olympic winner Belgrade (Dominican Republic, New Zealand, Serbia, Puerto Rico, Italy and Senegal)

Pre-Olympiad winner (Germany, Russia, Mexico, Tunisia, Croatia, and Brazil)


Little by little, more information about the basketball tournament at the Tokyo Olympics became known. For now, changes to the contest system and the dates for the draw, which will take place on February 2, have been confirmed. Regarding the system, the main change is that instead of two groups, there will be 3 groups in the preliminary stage, and that the champion will play a total of 6 matches instead of the usual 8.

Competition system

The group stage
The 12 participating teams are divided into 3 groups (A, B, and C) of 4 teams each. This stage of the competition is played in a free-to-all format, with each team playing against all the other teams in their group (3 matches per team total).

The teams that occupy the first and second places in each group and the third in the group stage qualify for the final stage. The remaining four teams no longer participate in the competition.

the final level
A draw will be taken after the group stage ends to determine the quarter-final pairs. The winners of the group (3 teams) and the team in second place with the best result (one team) from the group stage are placed in pot (D), while the remaining two teams occupy the second place and the two best teams in third place in another pot (E). Teams from the same group in the group stage cannot meet each other in the quarter-finals.

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This stage of the competition is played by elimination and the draw will result in Olympic support for the path to the gold medal.

In order for a team to be crowned Olympic champion, it must play 6 matches: 3 in the group stage and 3 in the final stage (quarter-finals, semi-finals, gold match) instead of 8 matches as in previous tournaments.


The procedure for the female category

These 12 teams qualified for the Women’s Basketball Championship in Tokyo 2020 which represent the five continents: Nigeria (Africa), Canada, Puerto Rico, the USA (America), China, Japan (the host country) and Korea (Asia), Belgium, France, Serbia. Spain (Europe) and Australia (Oceania)

Four bowls will be assigned to each team according to the FIBA ​​World Women’s Ranking, provided by Nike. The draw will distribute the teams into 3 groups of 4 teams each. All teams will be drawn and placed in group A, B or C. There can be a maximum of one group with two European teams and no more than one team. The continents are in the same group.

Male class procedure:

So far, these eight teams have already qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic basketball tournament for men representing the five continents: Nigeria (Africa), Argentina, the USA (America), Iran and Japan (the host country) (Asia), France, Spain (Europe) ) And Australia (Oceania)

The remaining four teams will be awarded to the four teams that won the FIBA ​​Olympic Qualifying Championships scheduled to be held from 29 June to 4 July 2021 in Victoria (Canada); Split (Croatia); Kaunas (Lithuania); Belgrade (Serbia).

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The 12 teams will be divided into four pots according to the FIBA ​​World Men’s Ranking, presented by Nike. The distribution of future winners in four FIBA ​​Olympic qualifying tournaments is based on the team with the highest ranking in each event. The draw will distribute the teams into 3 groups of 4 teams each. There can be a maximum of two European teams in the same group and no more than one team from other continents in the same group. All teams will be drawn and placed in Group A, B or C.

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