Proud: Chief Henry “Enrique” Tarrillo arrested in Washington, DC

At the planned demonstration of supporters of the US president-elect Donald Trump A prominent supporter was likely missing on Wednesday: Henry “Enrique” Tarjo, the head of the far-right “Brad Boys,” reportedly Washington DC was arrested.

Police in the US capital said Tario had received an arrest warrant for property damage on the sidelines of a pro-Trump demonstration last month. Tario also carried weapons stores with him.

The “Washington Post“You mentioned that the property damage claim related to the burning of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ sign was stolen from a church.

Possible investigations into ‘hate crimes’

Tario told the newspaper at the time that he was one of those who burned the sign. Acknowledge this act and it will reimburse the church for the costs incurred.

Tario told the Associated Press recently that the incident could be investigated as a “hate crime.” Police said Tario, from Miami, was arrested on Monday (local time) when he arrived in the capital. Trump supporters called for another demonstration on Wednesday.

The outgoing president also shared an invitation on Twitter on Monday to take part in the protest near the White House. On the same day, Congress is scheduled to approve the outcome of the November 3 presidential election, which is chaired by the Democrat Joe Biden And the winner is.

Trump and many of his supporters still do not acknowledge Biden winning the election. They claim there was widespread electoral fraud for which there is no evidence. Thousands of Trump supporters, including proud supporters, had already gathered in Washington for two demonstrations in December and November.

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Intermittent clashes occurred on the sidelines of the protests. Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser recently urged residents to avoid confrontations with violent protesters. She advised to stay outside the protest area on Wednesday.

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