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Thousands of masks were delivered to Australia by waves shortly before they reached safety. A cargo ship from China has lost 40 containers due to the sea waves. Part of its cargo, medical supplies, equipment and construction materials ended up on the country’s beaches. Boat APL England He was flying the Singaporean flag, and he lost them last Sunday while maneuvering to the port of destination, Melbourne, but bad weather forced him to head to Brisbane.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has received word that masks have been found on several beaches north of Sydney, Catch Watchman, And they linked it to the loss of the ship’s containers. Authorities were awaiting Wednesday to confirm whether the ship will arrive safely at the Brisbane port.

Large areas of the affected beach appeared covered in masks. “Upon arrival [a la playa de Coogee, en Sídney]The beach looked like a dump. The entire left side was covered with masks and completely unopened plastic wrapped packages. “We fill several trash bags.” Volunteers arrived at the beach to help with the cleanup missions.

In an inspection on board the ship, AMSA found that in addition to the 40 containers that fell into the sea, another 74 containers were damaged and fell onto the deck. Once the ship is transported to the port, the authority will start an investigation to determine whether the cargo is well stacked and insured, and also whether the accident involves any violation of environmental protection rules.

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