Polls for 2020 live: The latest possibility as Trump lags Biden on the three battlefield stats

Democratic candidate for the US presidency, Joe Biden

Speaking in Tampa, Florida, on Thursday, the president told his supporters in Sunshine: “If Florida turns blue, it’s over. It’s over … the heart and soul of this country is at stake in Florida. It’s up to you. Key.” . “

Biden is in Iowa on Friday while his running mate, Kamala Harris, is due to arrive in Texas as the Democratic ticket targets another major red state. Trump is back in Wisconsin and Michigan in an effort to shore up the support, with 81.1 million ballot papers already submitted before Election Day Tuesday.


Biden and Trump attacked Latin American dictators in an attempt to win Florida voters

The Democrat was also in Tampa and had already joined the president in criticizing authoritarian leaders in Central and South America as part of a belated appeal to win over Spanish-speaking voters.

It was definitely a more persuasive stance than Biden, given that Trump is known for his admiration for the “tough” statesman style and fancies himself in military epaulettes.

Justin Vallejo has this what the nominees said.

Joe SomeraldOctober 30, 2020 10:07


Trump tells Tampa, “If Florida turns blue, it’s over.”

Speaking while campaigning in Sunshine, his adopted state, on Thursday, the president told his supporters: “If Florida turns blue, it’s over. It’s over … the heart and soul of this country is at stake in Florida. It’s up to you.” You. You hold the key. “

The rest of his speech was devoted to lying about the Corona virus – distorting the American death toll by 15,000 – and pledging to not further lockdowns, attacking Biden, China and the former homeland security official who turned to Miles Taylor, and claimed that America’s allies treat the country less than its enemies (!) .

John T Bennett provides this report.

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Biden leads in Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania

Donald Trump trails election rival Joe Biden in three crucial swing states, according to the latest Hill / Harris poll, losing by small margins in Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

“Joe Biden’s position in the major swing states this past week indicates that Trump has not yet been able to generate enough momentum to bridge the gap,” Mark Benn comments on the poll.

The main challenger is three points ahead in Florida, 50 per cent to 47 per cent, with 3 per cent undecided (who are they ?!)

In North Carolina, in North Carolina, Biden only leads one point: 49 percent to 48 percent. Once again, three percent of respondents said they were not sure who to vote for – even at this late stage of the process.

But his biggest advance has been in his hometown of Pennsylvania, where he is leading by five years – 51 percent to 46 percent for Trump.

Ben comments: “In Florida, Trump has a strong Latino voice for his Republican, but he’s got issues with older women who are worried about the coronavirus.”

“ In North Carolina, Trump gets little or no black vote, and goes down in the suburbs to shut down a must-win state.

“In Pennsylvania, Trump has strong rural support, but Biden is commenting on it in the suburbs, where the Democrat is leading by a wide margin.”

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