Thomas Ravenell’s Return, Craig Conover’s Reaction and Sheep Rose

New season of Southern magic He brought a familiar face back to the show. Thomas Ravenel is returning to the Bravo series after leaving the franchise after the fifth season amid allegations of sexual assault. This short show has surprised its former stars, such as Craig Conover and Sheep Rose. What are they really thinking about portraying Ravenille for the show again?

Craig Conover, Thomas Ravenell, and Sheep Rose | Rebecca Miller / Rodolfo Martinez / Robert Ascroft / Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Is Thomas Ravenell back forever?

Viewers Southern magic I never imagined seeing Raveniel on the show again. The disgraced star makes an amazing appearance during the series’ seventh season premiere. Ravenell and cast member Katherine Dennis had a tumultuous relationship in front of the bravo cameras since the show premiered. They both jointly raise their children Kensie and Saint.

Raphael appears in the opening scenes of the series where Dennis lives in his house while her home is being renovated. The estranged couple is finally in a good relationship and Ravenell claims he was never paid for his screen time.

“I only let them shoot a small clip with the kids as a favor to Catherine,” said Ravenell. Us weekly. “I didn’t get paid. At the time, she was staying in my house in the guest room because her house was painted and it was not safe for her and the children.”

Members Southern magic You have mixed feelings about Ravenel appearing again on TV after he ended up pleading guilty to sexually assaulting his ex-nanny however, it looks like he won’t be appearing in any other scenes.

Catherine Dennis and Thomas Ravenell
Catherine Dennis and Thomas Ravenell | Brianna Stello / Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

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How do former Thomas Raphanel stars feel about his comeback?

Conover, who has been on the show from the start, admits that fans have protested about Raveniel getting back on camera. However, he assured viewers that the appearance of the former accused on TV was not a good thing as he only exposed his hypocrisy.

“I am always completely amazed [Dennis and Ravenel], Although I don’t have to be at this point. But when she said she was living with them, I mean, hit my jaw on the ground, ”Conover said too Us weekly. “And then finding out that he’s filmed is unbelievable. I mean, some people will say, like, we shouldn’t give them a platform or show them, [but] It’s not positive for Thomas that he filmed him at all. So, anyone who is concerned that we are helping them with their photography, this is not accurate. I mean he goes to Twitter the whole time and blow up the show and then shoot? It’s unbelievable. “

Craig Conover and Thomas Ravenell
Craig Conover and Thomas Ravenell | Brianna Stello / Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

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Rose also highlighted that Raveniel broke her Southern magic On social media. He added that the former politician was already enjoying the show and his return is only a testament to that.

“Despite the negative yelling and shouting about the show … that just pisses me off, honestly,” Rose told the publication. “It’s not anyone’s fault with the show, anything bad might happen to him. Also, really enjoy it when he was on her. I mean, let’s be honest here. He loved all the fame and fame. He had a lot of fun with her, so she doesn’t cry over what she considers to be milk.” Spilled, you know because it was so much fun. “

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Southern magic Season 7 airs Thursday nights at 9 pm ET on Bravo.

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