Ottawa police warn ‘Freedom Caravan’ protesters that ‘imminent’ action will be taken to end protests

La Policía de Ottawa advierte a los manifestantes del 'convoy de la libertad' que tomará acciones "inminentes" para poner fin a las protestas


Feb 17 2022 21:53 GMT

“For those who participate in the illegal protests: If you want to leave on your own terms, now is the time to do so,” the local police chief warned.

Steve Bell, the temporary police chief for the Canadian capital, Ottawa, announced Thursday that law enforcement will take action to disperse protesters protesting in the city against the mandatory vaccination of truck drivers. Tells local media.

“We have beefed up our resources, are developing concrete plans and preparing to take action. work imminentBell said: “For those participating in the illegal protests: If you want to leave on your own terms, It’s time to do itThe local police chief warned.

At the same time, he explained that the police are currently securing the perimeter of the city center, including the Parliament Hill area. “is being restricted access area Bell explained that it includes approximately 100 checkpoints, which will have a police presence to ensure that those seeking to enter the safe zone for illegal reasons, such as joining a protest, cannot reach the center.

according to Release Released by local police this Thursday, only those who reside, work or must travel through the limited access area for reasons other than protests are allowed in.

“What I can say is that this weekend It will be very different Until the last three weeks.

On January 29, the two tankers arrived in the country’s capital in the so-called Freedom Caravan For a peaceful protest against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Canadian authorities’ decision to compel truck drivers to be vaccinated, which took effect on January 15.

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Since then, truck drivers and their supporters have continued to demonstrate, with their movement spreading across the country, with protests in Toronto, Quebec, Vancouver and other cities.

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